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Homenet Thailand has its roots in the Homeworkers Network, established in 1992 by home-based producers and concerned NGOs in Bangkok, the North and the Northeast of Thailand under an ILO project on Social Protection Promotion. After the project closed down in 1996 the network re-launched itself as Homenet Thailand. In 2003, NGOs working within the network formally registered as the ‘Foundation for Labour and Employment Promotion’.

HomeNet Thailand has 4,222 members, including 3,324 home-based workers and 898 other informal workers; they are working on economic empowerment of  homebased workers, occupational safety and health (OSH), law and policy advocacy and also improving access of informal workers to social protection.

HomeNet Thailand aims to enhance homeworkers’ capacities in production and management, promote and strengthen informal workers’ organisation, promote labour standards and social protection, and influence government policies in relation to the legal and social protection of informal workers.

HomeNet Thailand conducts studies and research to disseminate information on informal workers to the society as well as advocate policies and development strategies favourable to them.  It also seeks to raise the potential for organising and income generating among informal workers, especially home-based workers; develop and support initiatives on social protection for informal workers, and promote and defend the rights of informal workers.

Contact: Ms Poonsap Tulaphan, Manager
+ 662 513 9242+ 662 513 9242 
+ 662 513 8959+ 662 513 8959 

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