Worker Stories

The informal economy has many faces and takes many forms across several occupations. Economic and social policies directly impact the livelihoods and lives of individual workers, while membership in organizations can bring benefits that are felt every day.

WIEGO gathers stories of individual workers from across many occupations and around the globe.WL4

  • For our Workers’ Lives publication series, writers consider the daily issues that a worker faces, and examine how broader policies impact them and how their organizations help them.
  • Through WIEGO’s Exposure-Dialogue Programmes, social scientists, legal professionals and others work and live alongside informal workers and their families for a few days and nights, then come together to discuss the experience. Written reflections are subsequently prepared. (Read a volume of these: Bridging Perspectives: The Cornell-SEWA-WIEGO Exposure Dialogue Programme on Labour, Informal Employment and Poverty.)
  • Several stories were written in the years following the global economic crisis that began in 2008. These highlight how macroeconomic trends affect workers in the informal economy – which offers no cushion in times of recession.
  • Other stories come from WIEGO’s member organizations, or through partners and friends.

    See Worker Stories that illuminate the struggles and the successes of women and men across the world.