Our Unique, Dedicated Statistics Programme

WIEGO’s Statistics Programme promotes the power of statistics in making visible the importance of the informal economy and the numbers and situation of those working in it. It seeks to develop statistics on the informal economy as an essential component of mainstream or official statistics at national, regional and international levels.

Collaboration is key to the success of this statistical work. WIEGO has built on the efforts of, and worked collaboratively with, national statistics offices as well as regional and international organizations, notably the International Labour Organization and the International Expert Group on Informal Sector Statistics.

WIEGO also works directly with end users of data – membership-based organizations of informal workers, NGOs, research institutions, development agencies and policymakers. These users need reliable data to draw attention to the situation of informal workers, to conduct analyses, and to inform their efforts to influence policy.

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A Statistical Picture of the Informal Economy

Working with the International Labour Organization, WIEGO has compiled available national data on the size and composition of the informal economy in developing countries and non-standard work in developed countries. A summary of regional estimates appears on our Statistical Picture webpage.