Selected Impact Stories

WIEGO routinely tracks success stories and examples of our impact, as well as those of our Members and partners. This selection of stories across four occupational sectors illustrate some of the successes that WIEGO, our members and partners have achieved in helping informal workers access their rights and ultimately improve the conditions of their work and lives.

C189 celebrationDomestic Workers

On June 16, 2011, domestic workers around the world celebrated as the International Labour Conference (ILC) adopted a Convention on Decent Work for Domestic Workers (C189). It was a leap forward for the estimated 50–100 million people, most women, who work in the homes of their employers. How domestic workers achieved this significant goal, and how WIEGO played a part, is detailed in this story: Domestic Workers: A Victory for Decent Work.

Watch a video about the C189 process

Home-Based Workers

HBW ThailandUnder a collaboration with HomeNet Thailand, WIEGO provided support to HomeNet Thailand in its long-running campaign to advocate for a law to protect Thailand's homeworkers. In 2010, the Thai Parliament ratified the Homeworkers Protection Act B.E.2553, which provides for protection of wages, occupational health and safety, and responsibility of employers toward homeworkers. The legislation could impact as many as 2 million workers in Thailand. This impact brief explains how this was achieved and how Thai homeworkers are benefitting: Winning Legal Rights for Thailand’s Homeworkers.

Watch a video on YouTube about building a social protection floor for all informal workers, including home-workers, in Thailand.

Street Vendors

Saving the “Mother Market”: Mobilizing Street Vendors in Durban  - Take a virtual tour of the market in Durban through this slideshow:

Waste Pickers

After a long struggle, Kagad Kach Patra Kashtakari Panchayat, a trade union of waste pickers in India and a WIEGO Member, achieved their goal of integrating informal waste pickers into the urban solid waste management system in Pune, India, through the organization of door-to-door waste collection. This impact story traces the details of how they organized themselves to achieve this, through the establishment of a waste picker-owned cooperative called SWaCH: Integrating Waste Pickers into Municipal Solid Waste Management in Pune, India
Watch the video “Full Circle” which tells the story of the union, its members and their achievements.


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