Impact Statements

Assessing Our Impact, Learning New Lessons

"WIEGO bills itself as a "global action-research-policy network that seeks to improve the status of the working poor, especially women in the informal economy." It is a special, perhaps unique, organization that has built an organic network out of three elements: organizations of informal workers; innovative and committed researchers and statisticians; and development practitioners. Rather than cultivating an arm's length relationship among the researchers and advocates and what's being studied, WIEGO's model depends on a combination of rigor and deep connection.

"What stands out most to me is that the motivation and drive for WIEGO's work comes from the day-to-day realities of workers' lives: It is a direct connection to waste pickers, home-based workers and others that informs the priorities for research and advocacy. WIEGO researchers, many of whom are based at prestigious universities, don't just analyze survey data; they immerse themselves in the lives of the informal workers and listen carefully to the perspectives of the workers. They use those experiences to inform the research questions they pursue."

Ruth Levine
Global Development and Population Program
Hewlett Foundation

Every five years, since our founding in 1997, WIEGO has conducted an internal strategic review and planning exercise - to assess progress to date, extract lessons learned and decide future strategies. In addition, WIEGO has had a series of impact assessments of our programme activities conducted by external parties. Further, our financial audits each year have given WIEGO a clean bill of fiscal health, and several systems audits by different donors have confirmed our management systems are in good order.

Recent impact assessments have covered WIEGO's:

The most recent assessment of WIEGO is captured in this blog post by Ruth Levine, Director of the Global Development and Population Program of the Hewlett Foundation: Changing the World With Scholarship and Solidarity: What We're Learning From WIEGO

In talking about WIEGO's accomplishments and impact, a major caveat is in order. WIEGO works in partnership with our members as well as many partners and allies. It is clearly difficult, therefore, to know what to claim as the impact of WIEGO per se. But it is also clear that WIEGO, together with our members, partners, and allies, has had an impact.