Women's Leadership Assembly 2014

Women’s Leadership Assembly, Securing Economic Rights for Informal Women Workers

General Assembly 2010

In November 2014, a Women’s Leadership Assembly was held to enable informal workers to network, share information, document their common needs and plan for future activities.

This five-day event in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, combined cross-sectoral capacity-building of women leaders, sharing learning on policy-advocacy, and organizing strategies.

Representatives from all project elements shared experiences and lessons learned, discussed challenges and gained from capacity-building workshops, seminars, field visits, constituency meetings, panels and discussions.

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Past WIEGO Assemblies

Since its founding in 1997, WIEGO has held General Assemblies in 1999 (Canada): 2000 (USA); 2002 (India); 2006 (South Africa); and 2010 (Brazil). The common purpose of all these meetings has been to share experiences and knowledge, set priorities and frame issues, and review WIEGO’s past activities and future plans. Another purpose has been to expand and strengthen the WIEGO network.