Uganda Federation for Alternative Trade (UGAFAT)

WIEGO partnered with the Uganda Federation for Alternative Trade (UGAFAT) to deliver "Leadership & Business Skills for Women Fair Trade Producers" to women fair trade producers throughout Uganda.

self-help group woman UgandaUGAFAT is a fair trade network in Uganda established in 2008 by producers who organized themselves for the purpose of fair trade facilitation, debate and advocacy. Within the network, 20 organizational members represent 4,000 producers from the handicrafts and textiles sectors. They produce a range of items including jewelry, beads, baskets, bark and raffia cloth, art, horns, and paper. There are also members from the farming sector (bark and raffia, vanilla, and matumba trees).

UGAFAT envisions a sustainable improvement of livelihoods through fair trade, with its mission centered on three areas:

  • product and Market development for fair trade
  • fair trade monitoring and building trust in fair trade and
  • information access through regular communication, collection and dissemination to information.

Through membership in UGAFAT, producers have benefited by receiving training in capacity building, product development, production skills, quality assurance, marketing and promotion, and cross-pollination of ideas with other groups. They’ve also seen their sales increase with access to new local and international fair trade buyers and exhibitions, which has also helped them gain export experience and more knowledge about the fair trade market.

Read an impact story on how this WIEGO - UGAFAT partnership is changing lives in Jinja, Uganda. 

UGAFAT's World Fair Trade Day Exhibition

Fair Trade Products

holds Fair Trade Exhibitions each May to showcase its members' products,
attract new buyers, and educate the public on the significance of fair