Talking about Formalizing at the ILC 2014

When the International Labour Conference (ILC) was engaged in a process to create a recommendation for transitioning from the informal to the formal economy, home-based workers, street vendors and domestic workers prepared a platform voiced their demands at the ILC 103rd session. 


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Myrtle Witbooi Speaks at Standards Committee

President of the Africa Domestic Workers Network Addresses ILC Plenary

Vice-President of StreetNet, Juliana Brown Afari, Addresses Plenary, ILC 2014

Informal Worker Addresses the Plenary, ILC 2014

WIEGO Network Members Present at the ILC, 2014

Orlando Machado from the organization Juventud Obrera Cristiana Internacional (Young Christian Workers Organization)

Orlando Machado de la organización JOCI ( Juventud Obrera Cristiana Internacional)

Souley Zeinabou, President of FENASEIN (National Federation of Trade Unions), Niger

Souley Zeinabou, Présidente de la Fédération Nationale des Syndicats (FENASEIN), Niger