Promoting Women's Economic Empowerment

HBW Nepal

WIEGO developed this project, initiated in 2009, with partner networks and organizations. The project consisted of six elements:

  1. Voice for Domestic Workers
  2. Women Organizing for Fair Trade
  3. Organized Strength for Home-Based Workers
  4. Market Support for Street Vendors
  5. Occupational Health and Safety for Working Poor Women
  6. Global General Assembly of Working Poor Women

Project Objectives

The project was designed to:

  • strengthen membership-based organizations of the working poor to address issues of organizing, market access, networking, policy influence and policy change
  • support women informal workers in articulating their
    needs and concerns to policy-makers at all levels (e.g. municipal, national, regional, global)
  • improve the quality of information available to both informal workers and policy makers re: the identified needs and concerns of the working poor
  • achieve positive policy changes to improve the lives of women informal workers
  • share key success factors where women informal workers have improved their livelihoods to achieve a multiplier effect through the movement of the working poor

By networking globally, different occupational groups of working poor women mobilized and made themselves heard. This helps ensure their participation in policy and planning processes that impact them, so they are recognized as contributing members of the economy. Follow the links on the six elements listed about to learn more.