Kenya Federation for Alternative Trade - KEFAT

Through the “Securing Economic Rights for Informal Women Workers” project, WIEGO’s partner KEFAT will train women in producer groups throughout the country. KEFAT’s vision is to improve the livelihoods of the marginalized artisans and farmers at the lower end of value chains.

Kenyan women producers

KEFAT was created in 2003 so Kenyan fair trade groups could collaborate on organizational capacity development, market access, and fair trade growth. Across the country, KEFAT currently has 37 member organizations that represent 80,000 artisans. These organizations and producers have benefited from membership with KEFAT through trainings in business management skills, craft skills, product development, and adaption and financial management coaching sessions. 

KEFAT members have managed to secure markets locally, regionally and internationally through KEFAT initiatives such as organized buyer visits, participation in local and international exhibitions, and market place representation during the WFTO bi-annual conferences.

KEFAT appreciates the skills and diversity of its membership and collaborates with partnerships from like-minded organizations, which also mainstream gender issues and best practices, to find synergy in fulfilling its mandate of capacity development within the membership, improving market access, lobbying, and advocacy.

Watch how KEFAT and WIEGO’s work benefit women artisans in this video.