Gumutindo Coffee Cooperative

Gumutindo Coffee Cooperative is a key partner in delivering Business & Leadership Skills to Women Fair Trade Producers. Gumutindo (which means “excellent quality” in the local Lugisu language) is a secondary level cooperative which began as a group of 200 farmers in 1998 and now encompasses 10,000 farmer members organized into 16 primary societies.  The farmers live on Mount Elgon in eastern Uganda. Gumutindo produces Arabica coffee and is 100% Fairtrade certified.

gumutindo women picking coffee Its mission is to make sustainable improvements to members' livelihoods in the most advantageous markets. Its objective was to mobilize more coffee growers to see coffee not as an alternative livelihood, but as a business that generates income and makes possible good housing, education, clean  water and energy while conserving nature.


In addition to taking part in the WIEGO-led project, Gumutindo has been offering Gender Action Learning System (GALS) training, developed by Oxfam-Novib, which gives women (and their husbands) a space to re-think gender dynamics that have women doing most of the coffee farming but receiving none of the income generated by their labours. The GALS training complements the trainings on leadership, good business practices, and savings already offered through the WIEGO project.

Stories of Change

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How the project is changing women’s lives on Mt. Elgon.