About Kuapa Kokoo

Kuapa Kokoo Farmers Union -- known as Kuapa Kokoo, which means “good cocoa farming”  -- partners with WIEGO to deliver training to 2,800 women members in 603 primary societies through the “Securing Economic Rights for Informal Women Workers” project.

Kuapa Kokoo is a force to be reckoned with. A 100 per cent fair trade cooperative formed in 1993 to allow farmers to trade their own cocoa after Ghana liberalized its internal cocoa marketing, Kuapa Kokoo represents 83,000 farmers across 1,300 primary societies. It seeks to become a leading, caring, efficient and globally recognized cooperative in cocoa production and marketing while improving the livelihood of members. It currently has four subsidiaries, including the chocolate company Divine Chocolate.

Kuapa Kokoo women training

Values and Beliefs

Kuapa Kokoo’s values of transparency, democracy, equity, commitment, and care for community help it fulfill its objectives:

  • providing a medium for the social, economic, and political empowerment of cocoa farmers
  • enhancing the participation of women in the decision making process at all levels of operation and organization
  • encouraging environmentally sustainable cocoa production processes.

Because the cooperative ascribes to the belief that an empowered woman means an empowered family, Kuapa Kokoo has a specified gender program that seeks to educate and empower women by training them in good business practices, increased leadership capacity at the grassroots and organizational level, land ownership issues, and in other income generating activities.

Listen to a Kuapa Kokoo empowerment song and learn about the benefits of cascading training.