Training Module 6: Quality Management Systems
Wills, Carol and Elaine Jones.
January, 2016

Training Module 6: Quality Management SystemsThis is the sixth book in a series of seven training modules titled Developing Leadership and Business Skills for Informal Women Workers in Fair Trade.

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This module focuses on understanding quality assurance, management, and product standards, and has four main objectives:

  • To create understanding of the importance of quality and how it may be improved.
  • To create understanding of the meaning and importance of quality management and its core elements and how to introduce a simple QMS into a group or small business.
  • To familiarize participants with the concept of quality assurance and tools available to help improve the quality of products.   
  • To teach participants how to carry out SWOT analysis and to develop an action plan to address any weaknesses in and threats to their group/ business in relation to quality management.
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