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Theme: Informal Economy & WIEGO
Occupational Group(s): Waste Pickers
September, 2009 2009 Public Interest Litigation to Appoint a Committee for the Development of a National Framework for Waste Pickers.
Abizaid, Olga. August, 2015 ARB: Fighting for an Inclusive Model for Recycling in Bogota.
Abizaid, Olga. November, 2011 Finding a Collective Voice to Become Visible: The Creation of the RENAREC.
April, 2013 Goldman Prize Organization. Acceptance Speech by Nohra Padilla, 2013 Goldman Environmental Prize Ceremony
All India Federation of Self Employed Women’s Association (SEWA Bharat) website:
Alliance of Indian Wastepickers. August, 2011 AIW Newsletter, August 2011.
Alliance of Indian Wastepickers Newsletter.
August, 2012 Alliance of Indian Wastepickers Newsletter, August 2012.
May, 2012 Alliance of Indian Wastepickers Newsletter, May 2012.