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Theme: WIEGO
Program(s): Special Initiatives
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Chen, Marty. April, 2007 Session 3 - Informality, Poverty, and Growth: The Labour Force in China and India.
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Cook, Sarah. April, 2007 Session 1 - Background, Goals, and Framework of Project.
Cook, Sarah and Marty Chen. April, 2007 Session 1 - China and India: Comparative Overview.
Ellerman, Mei-Ling and Katherine McFate. April, 2007 Session 3 - Discussants: Comments and Suggestions.
Harriss-White, Barbara and Richard Freeman. April, 2007 Session 1 - Discussant Comments on Key Issues and Questions.
Harriss-White, Barbara. April, 2007 Session 4 - Discussant Comments.
Heintz, James. October, 2005 An Employment Approach to Poverty Reduction in Ghana.
Heintz, James. January, 2005 Women, Work and Poverty in Ghana.