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WIEGO Job Postings

Thank you for your interest in working with WIEGO. There are currently no active job postings. Please check back often.

WIEGO Institutional Members

Trade unions, cooperatives, and associations of informal workers that have been active in WIEGO are invited to become Institutional Members. As of September 2018, the following membership-based organizations of informal workers were Institutional Members of WIEGO. 


International Domestic Workers Federation (IDWF)

International Union of Food and Allied Workers (IUF)

HomeNet Thailand

HomeNet Thailand was founded in 1999 as an NGO to support home-based workers across Thailand. Today, HomeNet Thailand consists of:

WIEGO's Work in Bangkok

Market vendors in Thailand
Photo: Paula Bronstein/Getty Images Reportage


Focal Cities Mexico City

Domestic workers at a workshop in Mexico City

In Mexico, more than half the country's employed population works informally. In Mexico City (CDMX), 23 per cent of economically-active people are informally employed, while 24 per cent are in formal employment (53 per cent are not employed).

Focal Cities Accra

Market vendors in Accra, Ghana
Photo: Juan Arredondo/Getty Images Reportage

Informal Economy Themes

Most of WIEGO's work is organized under these thematic areas. Each is essential to securing informal livelihoods, and there are multiple ways in which these themes intersect.

Inclusive Cities

Cities that recognize informal workers and involve them in every aspect of planning can create cleaner, greener, more socially responsive and more vibrant cities.

Sindicato de Trabajadores Independientes Ambulantes del Transporte y Anexos (SINTRALOC)

Sindicato de Trabajadores Independientes Ambulantes del Transporte y Anexos (SINTRALOC)

The National Union of Independent Itinerant Transport and Allied Workers (SINTRALOC) was founded on November 23, 1987.  Throughout its 24 years of existence, SINTRALOC has fought tirelessly for the recognition and dignity of street vendors.  In recent years, thanks to the perseverance of the union’s struggle, we have managed to get a bill passed to legally develop our work nationwide.