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Informal Economy & WIEGO

Worker Stories

The informal economy has many faces and takes many forms across several occupations. This selection of stories illuminates the struggles and the successes of women and men across the world.

Policy Frameworks

 Gloria Solórzano Espinosa is a food vendor in the local municipality of Los Olivos in Lima, PeruPhoto by Juan Arredondo/Getty Images Reportage

Other Groups

Garment WorkersGarment Workers

The garment sector exemplifies the growth in global manufacturing, and many of the challenges associated with it.

Laws & Policies Beneficial to Waste Pickers

For two decades, development agencies, non-governmental organizations and academics have examined and recorded the contributions of waste pickers. Specialists and activists are now calling for an end to repressive policies on waste picking. They advocate the adoption of inclusive policies focused on legal recognition of waste pickers and their organizations, guaranteed access to waste for waste pickers, integration of waste pickers through their organizations into solid waste management systems, and the strengthening of membership-based waste picker organizations.


Basic Categories of Waste Pickers

Although the kinds of work waste pickers do differs across countries, some basic categories exist. These include:waste picker kkpkp

Definition of Home-Based Workers

Statistical Definition

This  statistical definition of home-based workers was developed by the Independent Group on Home-Based Workers in India, set up in 2007 by the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation of the Government of India.

Home-based workers are defined as a) own-account workers and contributing family workers helping the own-account workers, involved in the production of goods and services, in their homes, for the market and b) workers carrying out work in their homes for remuneration, resulting in a product or service as specified by th

Challenges of Measuring Domestic Workers

The information in this web page is based on personal communications with Françoise Carré and Joann Vanek (2010) of the WIEGO Statistics Programme.

 The first measurement challenge is a basic one: what types of activities should be included as domestic work in the statistical definition used in collecting and tabulating data and how can this definition be implemented given the three major classifications for employment characteristics?

Links with Poverty: Data Sources

This summarizes findings from several recent sets of country-level data analyses that considered the average earnings and/or the poverty risk of different segments of the labour force, both formal and informal.

History & Debates

Choral Mauladia poses near by her cart in Ahmedabad, India

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