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Informal Economy & WIEGO
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Urban Informal Workers & The Green Economy

The urban poor – the majority of whom work informally – are at significant risk from the increased intensity and frequency of storms, flooding, landslides, heat waves and constraints on fresh water associated with climate change.2 And as a changing climate drives more of the rural poor into cities, the urban working poor face increasing competition.

World Urban Forum 6: Inclusive Cities = Sustainable and Vibrant Cities

Heliodora, a Street Vendor from New York City, was a delegate at this year's World Urban ForumWIEGO and Inclusive Cities delegates attended the World Urban Forum 6 in Naples, Italy 1-7 September 2012, to deliver an important message to urban officials and planners: including informal workers in municipal pl

WIEGO at ExpoCatadores 2012

Latin American waste pickerExpoCatadores 2012, held in Sao Paulo, Brazil in late November, brought together 1,500 waste pickers from 25 Brazilian states and several countries, along with government leaders and visitors, to exchange experiences and ideas around waste picking.