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Informal Economy & WIEGO
Occupational Group(s): Domestic Workers

Research Network for Domestic Worker Rights

The Research Network for Domestic Worker Rights consists of researchers who have been working collaboratively with domestic workers to capture information and document the lives and working conditions of the tens of millions of people who work in the homes of others. Officially launched in June 2011, the Research Network exists to support the efforts of domestic workers by:

Decent Work for Domestic Workers: International Labour Conference, June 2010

 The historic first discussion on Decent Work for Domestic Workers was on the agenda of the 99th Session of the International Labour Conference (ILC), held in Geneva in June 2010. A second discussion will be held in June 2011, where it is anticipated that an ILO Convention supplemented by a Recommendation will be adopted.

9 June, 2010: ILO Sets Standards For Domestic Workers' Rights

Decent Work For Domestic Workers: ILC 2009

Representatives of domestic workers’ organizations from around the world participated in the June 2009 International Labour Conference (ILC) in Geneva to prepare themselves for the negotiations on an international instrument for domestic workers in 2010 and 2011. This web page reports on the decisions and activities taken there.

Towards a Domestic Work Convention: ILO Process, Timetable and Documents

January 2009

The International Labour Office (hereafter Office) sent a law and practice report along with a questionnaire to ILO. Member States Governments have to consult with workers’ organizations and employers’ associations.

Download the Decent work for domestic workers Report IV(1), 2010