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Street Vendors From NASVI Injured in Delhi Blast - 7 September 2011

Street vendors associated with NASVI had reached Delhi High Court to seek justice from the court at a hearing that was scheduled on the day of the blasts in Delhi. More than ten vendors got injured in the blast, many hospitalized. A young NASVI staff who assists NASVI's advocate in court cases also got injured.

News Stories Covering the Impact of the Delhi Blast on Street Vendors:

Street Vending Banned in São Paulo

In May 2012, the municipal administration in São Paulo, Brazil banned street vending altogether. On Saturday, May 19, Mayor Gilberto Kassab revoked a municipal decree of 1997 that authorized the work of street vendors in the streets of the capital city. Existing licenses issued to vendors have been cancelled, and vendors told to vacate the sidewalks.

Informal Workers in Accra Make Their Voices Heard

ghana street vendors Ga-East Traders Union eventIn Ghana, 2012 is an election year and informal workers are working hard to make their voices heard in the capital city of Accra.

StreetNet International Press Releases

StreetNet International

StreetNet International
Media Release:
International Workers’ Day, 1st May 2012

StreetNet Campaigns Blog Launched

Street Net Campaigns Blog Launched

July, 2011 - StreetNet International has launched a Campaigns blog to disseminate news and events related to its three major campaigns: the New Manifesto Campaign, the World Class Cities for All Campaign in Brazil, and its several Litigation Campaigns.