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Informal Economy & WIEGO
Occupational Group(s): Street Vendors

Makola Market Traders' Union

Makola Market, Accra Ghana

The New Makola Market Traders’ Union of Ghana T.U.C represents workers in the renowned Makola Market in central Accra, Ghana.  It was formed in 1999, and was registered in 2002 with the Registrar General Department.  The Union became an official was affiliate of the Ghana T.U.C. 2003, and is also a member of StreetNet Ghana.

Street Vending Banned in São Paulo

In May 2012, the municipal administration in São Paulo, Brazil banned street vending altogether. On Saturday, May 19, Mayor Gilberto Kassab revoked a municipal decree of 1997 that authorized the work of street vendors in the streets of the capital city. Existing licenses issued to vendors have been cancelled, and vendors told to vacate the sidewalks.