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Occupational Group(s): Street Vendors

Elba Rojas, Street Vendor in Lima, Peru

(Lima, November 2013) For 25 years, Elba Rojas has sold chilis in Lima’s thriving wholesale market, La Parada. She says selling fresh produce here provided more income than she could have earned in a factory.Street vendor in Lima

Challenges of Gathering Statistics on Street Vendors

Finding reliable data on the size of the street vending population in any given city can be challenging. Official statistics on street vendors are available only in a few countries. The box below explains.

Accra Street Traders Make Their Concerns Heard by Municipal Officials

In March 2013, a Policy Dialogue was held in Accra, Ghana between informal street traders and officials from the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) and the Ga East Municipal Assembly. Facilitated by WIEGO, the policy dialogue centred on the theme Ensuring Optimal Involvement of the Urban Informal Sector in National Economic Development. It was deemed a success in bringing the traders’ concerns to the attention of the authorities and sparking opportunities to engage further.

The World celebrates International Workers Day - 1 May

Press Release (StreetNet International)


2 May, 2013 - International Workers' Day celebrated on the First of May commemorates the historic struggle of working people throughout the world. It is also recognition of the Global Workers Movement and people unite to express their international solidary.

Spotlight on Informal Workers in South Africa

In March, South Africans mark Human Rights Day (March 21), established to raise awareness of human rights and ensure the abuses common in the past  do not happen again. In honour of this, we have compiled a list of stories and publications about South African informal workers.

Makola Market Traders' Union

Makola Market, Accra Ghana

The New Makola Market Traders’ Union of Ghana T.U.C represents workers in the renowned Makola Market in central Accra, Ghana.  It was formed in 1999, and was registered in 2002 with the Registrar General Department.  The Union became an official was affiliate of the Ghana T.U.C. 2003, and is also a member of StreetNet Ghana.