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Informal Economy & WIEGO

Typology of Domestic Workers

This material is drawn from Chen, Martha A. 2011. “Recognizing Domestic Workers, Regulating Domestic Work: Conceptual, Measurement, and Regulatory Challenges.” Canadian Journal of Women and the Law, Vol. 23, No. 1, pp 167-184.

Links with Poverty

Not all informal workers are poor and not all working poor are engaged in the informal economy. Some informal operators – especially those who hire others – are not poor, while some formal wage workers are poor. But there is a significant overlap between working in the informal economy and being poor. This section details what is known about the relationship between working in the informal economy and being poor.

Key Debates about Street Vending

Lima peru street vendors

Street vending generates debates around the world. The key debates are summarized here.

Statistics on the Informal Economy

Statistics on the Informal Economy

Analysis of informal employment and informal workers is a new area of statistical development. This section of the website examines the available data, as well as the concepts, definitions and methods that underpin this growing area of investigation.

Bulletin d'information du Programme Droit Édition octobre 2018

Bulletin d'information du Programme Droit

Édition octobre 2018


Informal Worker

WIEGO 20th Anniversary Research Conference

WIEGO Research Conference

Over the past two decades, WIEGO has been at the forefront of developing new concepts and methods for understanding and measuring the informal economy. To mark WIEGO’s 20th Anniversary, and to identify new paths for research and thinking on the informal economy, the WIEGO Network held a research conference at Harvard University in November 2017.

History & Debates

Choral Mauladia poses near by her cart in Ahmedabad, India

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International Domestic Workers’ Network

In October 2013, the IDWN transformed itself into the first global union organization in the world run by women: the International Domestic Workers' Federation (IDWF). Read more.
International Domestic Workers