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Theme: Informal Economy
Boost Growth by Reducing the Informal Economy Asian Wall Street Journal . (18 October 2004)
By Farrell, Diana.
Rise of supermarkets across Africa threatens small farmers Food and Agriculture Organization . (8 October 2003)

Small farmers in Africa risk being swept out of agriculture by a wave of supermarket expansion unless they can participate in the new market, FAO warned on Wednesday.

Scrap-collectors Fight for and Win a New Legitimacy InfoChange News & Features . (1 April 2003)
By Tejani, Sheba.

The scrap-collectors union of Pune in Maharashtra has given waste-collectors who scoured garbage bins and collected old newspapers and bottles a new respectability and access.

Liberalisation and the Woman Worker Economic and Political Weekly . (22 May 2002)
By Jhabvala, Renana and Shalini Sinha, .
Nepal Interview with Samar Thapa from GEFONT Migrant Desk BWI Connect . (1 January 1970)

Unregulated system of informal agents a key problem for migrant workers according to Samar Thapa from the GEFONT Migrant Desk in Nepal.

Brazil World Class Cities for All Campaign Research Report in Brazil StreetNet International . (1 January 1970)
By StreetNet International, .