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Theme: Informal Economy
By StreetNet International, .

Today we mark the commemoration of International Vendors day with a lot to reflect on the past one year. The operations of vendors and street traders in East and Southern Africa are still facing many challenges as far as recognition and acceptance is concerned.

StreetNet International Press Statement on International Street Vendors Day Zimbabwe Chamber of Informal Economy Associations . (14 November 2017)
By StreetNet International, .

Today the 14th of November 2017, we are commemorating International Vendors Day, with an estimated billion plus street vendors in the world. It is important for the entire world to have basic understanding of vendors in the streets that they are workers, as a result there is need for that basic due respect of their trade as this will promote their decency as they trade.

India United States of America MIT researchers release evaluation of solar pumps for irrigation and salt mining in India MIT News . (13 November 2017)

To conduct the evaluation, MIT researchers worked closely with the Technology Exchange Lab in Cambridge, Massachusetts, as well as the Gujarat, India-based Self Employed Women’s Association, a trade union that organizes women in India’s informal economy toward full employment and is currently piloting use of solar pumps in their programs.

Ahmedabad India SEWA women join national stir, demand worker rights The Times of India . (12 November 2017)

Thousands of workers from across the country concluded the three-day 'Mahapadav', on November 11, in Delhi on the Parliament Street. The aim was to intensify struggle against anti-worker policies. Women from Ahmedabad-based SEWA's urban union also participated in the agitation.

India United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland Anasuya Sarabhai: Who was India's first female union leader and why was she so pioneering? Independent . (10 November 2017)

She was supported in her work by Mahatma Gandhi, with whom she set up Gujarat’s oldest labour union, which later paved the way for the founding of the Self-Employed Women’s Association of India (SEWA).

India Social organisations protest demonetisation The Hindu . (9 November 2017)

The public meeting and cultural programme held at the Press Club of India saw several people — including Thomas Franco of the All India Bank Officers’ Federation, Arbind Singh of the National Association of Street Vendors of India, Gauhar Raza, Umar Khalid — come together to speak on the issue.

Ghana Plastic waste is destroying aquatic life - TMA Ghana News Agency . (8 November 2017)
By Nyarko, Alexander .

Globalizing and Organizing (WIEGO), Mr. Karim Saagbul, said, “Plastic collection and recycling have proved to be an effective way of waste management, and whilst the project is a response to government to address this challenge, it is our innovative approach that seeks to increase the volume of waste collection and also help in the promoting of recycling products of plastic waste.”

By Cameron Thibos and Nalini Nayak, .

I'm Nalini Nayak, and I come from Kerala. I work with the Self Employed Women's Association (SEWA), which is a trade union of women workers in the informal sector. It's a national union and it's also a central, independent trade union.

By Indorewala, Hussain.

Then, after a decade of struggle by the National Association of Street Vendors of India and the Self Employed Women’s Association, the Protection of Livelihoods and Regulation of Street Vending (PLRSV) Bill was signed into a law in 2014. Despite its obvious limitations, this was a major victory for street vendors.

By Dave, Janhavi.

This article describes the situation of home-based workers in India. It cites studies by WIEGO and HomeNet South Asia.