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Theme: Informal Economy
Occupational Group(s): Street Vendors
Region(s): East Asia & Southeast Asia ; Thailand
Bangkok Thailand Khao San traders to begin 7-day trial relocation. Bangkok Post . (5 September 2017)
By Terry Fredrickson and OM Jotikasthira, .

City Hall has instructed street vendors in Khao San Road to move their stalls from pavements onto the road for a seven-day trial period starting next Tuesday.

By Sarah Reed, Sally Roever and Narumol Nirathron, .

The Thai capital’s attempt to ban the city’s popular food vendors prompted international outrage. But the most significant effects are being felt locally.

An ongoing study by researchers from Thammasat University and WIEGO seeks to estimate the change in food expenditure for consumers of different income levels, should vendors disappear from city streets.

By Poon, Linda.

Yet the Thai government has long been on a mission to "clean up" the streets and "return the pavements to the pedestrians."

By Holmes, Oliver.

The City has just scooped CNN poll but official says 'every street vendor will have to move out' by end of 2017.

Thailand Siam, Silom, Sukhumvit Street Markets Shut Down. Khaosod . (6 October 2016)
By Mokkhasen, Sasiwan.

Since the latest in a series of its ultimatums for vendors to clear out came Monday, no stalls have been able to open as dozens of officers and officials have been dispatched to prevent it.  

Thailand Pattaya street vendors dwindle after crackdown. Pattaya Mail . (26 August 2016)
By Homklin, Jetsada.

The number of street vendors on Pattaya Beach has dropped noticeably since the city began fining hawkers for flogging their food and goods on public property.

The citywide war on street vendors continues, and Khao San Road has been targeted next. The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has said that street vendors on the tourist street will only be allowed to sell Thursday through Sunday from 6pm until midnight.

Bangkok Thailand Bangkok's disappearing street food. BBC . (23 August 2016)
By Sauers, Craig.

Although street food has long been synonymous with Bangkok, the city is steadily sweeping the sidewalks clean of its vendors.

Thailand No street stalls at Siam Square, Ratchadamri from Aug 1. Bangkok Post . (28 June 2016)

City Hall has set an Aug 1 deadline for all street vendors outside designated spots around Siam Square and Ratchadamri to move to new areas that have been set aside for them.

Thailand Silom vendors refuse to move, propose tradeoff Bangkok Post . (23 May 2016)

Street vendors on Silom Road ordered to move out by June 1 have again asked the prime minister to intercede, and proposed a compromise - offering to delay setting up their stalls until 9pm in return for for being allowed to continue trading at night.