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Theme: Informal Economy
Occupational Group(s): Street Vendors
Region(s): East Asia & Southeast Asia ; Vietnam
Vietnam What the future holds for Vietnam's street vendors. VN Express . (5 April 2017)

'Street vending is a vital component of city life that should be embraced and nurtured, not shut down.'

By Davis, Brett.

However, there are thousands of sidewalk vendors in the city, all of whom are seeing their livelihoods put in doubt. There is also the question of the essential character of the city, of which the thriving street-side food and drink vendors are an essential part.

Ho Chi Minh City has announced plans to organize a street food area from June this year to support poor vendors affected by the sidewalk cleanup campaign and to preserve its street culture.

Vietnam HCM City to allocate area for street vendors. Vietnam Net . (8 September 2016)

HCM City's Transport Department has proposed to the city authority to allocate part of the land fund for street vendors to serve their trade activities.

Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City to establish exclusive street food zones Tuoi Tre News . (20 April 2016)

Street food vendors in downtown Ho Chi Minh City will be forced to sell their products in designated areas on certain streets, making up part of city officials' effort to deter illegal occupation of sidewalks and roadways as well as ensuring food safety.

Vietnam Video shows cop knocking down street vendor in Ho Chi Minh City Thanh Nien News . (15 April 2016)
By Huy, Dam.

A Ho Chi Minh City street vendor is being treated for brain injuries after hitting his head on the road when a police officer knocked him down for disobeying orders.

India Iran Vietnam Stronger United: Workers' Unions Across the Global South Huffington Post (Blog) . (23 June 2015)
By d' Allant, Josephine.

For the working poor, unions can provide a structure for voicing grievances and a collective power for bringing about change, often in the face of resistance from employers with significantly greater individual wealth and influence. This article explores somes of the struggles waged by unions to demand the rights of their members in Mumbai, Bangalore, Tehran and Ho Chi Minh City.

Vietnam Vietnamese street food sellers face new bureaucracy Thanhnien News . (6 May 2014)

Following the new courses, food sellers nationwide will have to pass an exam on food safety according to a controversial government circular that takes effect on May 26.

Vietnam College graduates make up 6.5% of street food vendors: survey Vietnam Net . (3 January 2014)

According to HCMC's survey on legal compliance in food safety and hygiene reported to the Ministry of Justice on Tuesday, most of the surveyed street vendors (75.5%) consider food hygiene a critical issue and up to 70% say they know relevant regulations. This shows that food hygiene has become familiar with street food vendors.

By Huy, Dam.

Ho Chi Minh City authorities have sacked an official from the Urban Management Unit and suspended another for allegedly assaulting a street vendor last week.