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Theme: Informal Economy
Occupational Group(s): Waste Pickers
Region(s): East Asia & Southeast Asia ; China
China United States of America China halts all US scrap imports for 1 month in surprise move. WasteDive . (4 May 2018)
By Rosengren, Cole.

This is the latest, and perhaps most direct, escalation in China's crackdown on the scrap trade since its initial ban of 24 select categories in July 2017. In the months since, the country's new 0.5% contamination standard for all materials, and ban on mixed paper and plastics, has roiled recycling markets around the world. Multiple U.S. states continue to feel the effects and the industry's largest companies have begun talking about ways to change their business models as a result.

By Hatch, David.

And with the city's waste sector "reaching a point of significant transition", municipal leaders are moving to learn from trash pickers - and to bring them into the formal establishment.

By Borak, Masha.

In "A Beijing Recycler's Life", a short documentary by Chen Liwen, Ma Dianjin and his wife which have been recyclers for 14 years explain how they live on Beijing's trash. They work every single day from 7 AM to 11 PM. The only break they have is during Chinese New Year when they take 10 days off.

China How to tackle the challenges posed by e-waste. Aljazeera . (18 March 2017)
By Williams, Eric.

We want to have a creative mind, a critical eye, and a helping hand if we are to find solutions to e-waste challenges.

By Kanthor, Rebecca.

Director Wang Jiuliang, whose previous documentary film "Beijing Besieged by Waste" deals with trash pickers in the Chinese capital, tackles the plastics recycling industry in China, giving a look into the lives of those who do the hard and dirty work of sorting imported plastics by hand.

China China: the secret lives of urban waste pickers The Guardian . (10 January 2017)
By Tang, Damin.

Chinadialogue interviews two sociologists who have documented the hidden lives of waste pickers in recycling communities on the outskirts of Beijing. These sociologists wrote "Living with Waste: Economies, Communities and Spaces of Waste Collectors in China," a book which is available in Chinese.

China The secret lives of urban waste pickers. The Guardian . (10 January 2017)
By Damin, Tang.

Chinadialogue interviews two sociologists who have documented the hidden lives of waste pickers in recycling communities on the outskirts of Beijing.

China India Urban poverty: More desperate in India, more all-consuming in China Straits Times . (26 June 2016)
By Manuel, Anja.

Every day, parents and children hike a 300m-tall mountain of rubbish and hunt for plastic bottles, metal cans and other goods, which they then sell to recyclers, earning about US$8 (S$10) per family each day. In India, the one and a half million waste-pickers reside near the bottom of the social and economic ladder.

By Duggan, Jennifer.

The informal recycling sector is helping tackle the country's growing levels of rubbish, but people making a living out of sorting waste need support.

China China's Trash Is Getting Dirtier Bloomberg View . (18 September 2014)
By Minter, Adam.

Over the weekend, for the second time in as many years, thousands of demonstrators took to the streets in China's southern Bolou County to oppose the construction of a proposed trash incinerator.