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Theme: Informal Economy
Occupational Group(s): Domestic Workers
Region(s): South Africa ; Sub-Saharan Africa
South Africa Minimum wage for domestic workers may see some out of jobs. Daily News . (31 August 2017)
By Masuku, Sne.

A few employers of domestic workers in Durban and surrounding areas have predicted that the national minimum wage would force them to do their domestic chores themselves.

South Africa National minimum wage: not enough protection for part-time workers. Ground Up . (13 January 2017)
By Ruth Castel-Branco and Gilad Isaacs, .

The Panel has been criticised for proposing that the roughly 1.2 million domestic workers and 660,000 agricultural workers be included at lower levels ('tiers') for a period of up to two years.

South Africa Checkpoint: Domestic worker abuse. ENCA . (19 October 2016)

Many South Africans employing domestic workers are ignoring labour laws. According to the CCMA, about 10 percent of calls received last year were from domestic workers reporting legal violations.

South Africa Domestic workers strike for better working conditions. SABC . (1 October 2016)
By Komane, Mahlako.

Domestic workers took their fight for better working conditions to the streets of Ekhuruleni, demanding to be paid overtime, maternity leave and Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) benefits.

South Africa Portraits Of Post-Apartheid South Africa Try To Shed Light On Inequality. HuffPost Italy . (30 September 2016)
By Catania, Arianna.

Under apartheid, black communities were separated from white communities via a combination of physical obstacles, both manmade and geographic. Over the past two decades, the nation has tried to dismantle the divisive urban planning that was put in place during apartheid, not always successfully.

South Africa Domestic workers plan big protest. The Citizen . (31 August 2016)
By Abraham, Vicky.

The sexual harassment of domestic workers by male employers will form part of a massive protest scheduled in Gauteng and Western Cape. Other core issues that will emerge during the protest are the noncompliance of employers with the labour laws and poor working conditions workers are subjected to. 

By Isaacs, Gilad.

Despite increases in these minima - of between 16% and 81% in real terms since their institution - many workers in these sectors still earn exceptionally low wages: 75% of agricultural workers earn below R2,600 a month and 90% of domestic workers below R3,120.

The stats body showed that among the worst to be hit, were domestic workers, with as many as 45,000 losing their job in the first quarter, to 984,000 employees, from 1.029 million in the prior quarter.

South Africa I was on duty for 24 hrs' - ANC MP's former domestic worker Times Live . (6 June 2016)
By Joubert, Jan-Jan.

A former domestic worker has spoken out about the unfair treatment she received from Lumka Yengeni, the top ANC MP who chairs parliament's portfolio committee on labour, who she has accused of flouting several labour laws.


Lucia Dlephu took Yengeni to the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration after the MP fired her on February 14 this year.

South África Domestic worker triumphs over MP in CCMA saga Times Live . (5 June 2016)
By Joubert, Jan-Jan.

A senior ANC MP has been described as the madam from hell following a bitter CCMA dispute with her former domestic worker.