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Theme: Informal Economy
Occupational Group(s): Street Vendors
Region(s): Zimbabwe ; Sub-Saharan Africa
Zimbabwe World Vendors tell Mugabe to “STOP IT” Zimeye . (17 October 2017)

We urge the Zimbabwean government to adopt a more inclusive way of dealing with street vendors in Zimbabwe through negotiations with organisations of street vendors, including StreetNet’s affiliate ZCIEA and other relevant stakeholders.

Zimbabwe Harare Launches "Operation Restore Order" ZBC . (8 October 2017)

The City of Harare has launched an operation codenamed‘Restore Order,’which is aimed at decongesting the city and bringing order and sanity in the central business district.

"In January this year, the Harare City Council in Zimbabwe accused informal food vendors of spreading typhoid. The council then attempted to confiscate, and destroy, all perishable food items that were being hawked in the central business district. Many vendors fought back, resulting in deadly clashes over a series of days in the opposition run capital city.  Sadly, such violent treatment of workers in informal markets is all too common in African cities." This article cites WIEGO research.

Zimbabwe Trade on the Streets, and Off the Books, Keeps Zimbabwe Afloat New York Times . (4 March 2017)
By Norimitsu Onishi and Jeffrey Moyomarch, .

Dusk falls and thousands of vendors fan out across central Harare. Through the night, they hawk their wares - vegetables, clothes, kitchen utensils, cellphones - from carts, wheelbarrows or even the pavement, transforming the city’s staid business district into a giant, freewheeling village market.

By Nyakanyanga, Sally.

Around 70 percent of street sellers in Zimbabwe are women, struggling to support their families in the face of continuous police raids against unlicensed trade. But advocates say local authorities should be working to support women vendors, not running them off.

By Mwareya, Ray.

“Vendors are not criminals. We are self-job workers, navigating Africa´s worst economy,” says Lorraine Sibanda, president of the Zimbabwe Chamber for Informal Economy Association, the largest street vendor trade union in Zimbabwe. “Why hasn’t Zimbabwe health minister directed city councils to eradicate fecal mess flowing in Harare townships?” she asks.

By Mahove, Christopher.

Street vendors in the Zimbabwean capital of Harare are defying a government ban on their activities following a recent outbreak of typhoid in the country.

Zimbabwe Vendors laugh off ban, blame typhoid on govt New Zimbabwe . (6 January 2017)

Thousands of vendors operating in central Harare have defied a goverment "ban" on the selling of vegetables and fruits in an effort to stop the spread of thyphoid, saying the state must first give them jobs.

Zimbabwe Vendors: We're the most taxed people in Zim. New Zimbabwe . (9 November 2016)

Informal traders have disputed the assertion that they are notorious for tax evasion and, instead, claimed that the sector is one of the most taxed in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe Zimbabwe police fire teargas on street vendors. Reuters . (27 September 2016)

Zimbabwe police fired teargas at stone-throwing vendors resisting removal from city streets on Tuesday in the latest flare-up of protests against President Robert Mugabe's 36-year rule.