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Theme: Informal Economy
Region(s): India ; South Asia
Delhi India Street vendors protest against eviction drives The Hindu . (15 May 2018)

Street vendors at the protest, which was organised by the National Association of Street Vendors of India (NASVI), alleged that many officials had used degrading language and some had even physically abused vendors during eviction drives.

India India leads world in informal employment. The Hans India . (15 May 2018)

Waste pickers provide a critical environmental service, extracting recyclable goods from the waste stream and preventing them from accumulating in landfills and dump sites. And domestic workers clean, cook and sometimes care for children or the elderly in private homes.

Delhi India Delhi vendors cry harassment, to protest on Monday The Times of India . (13 May 2018)

Alleging harassment and indiscriminate action against the hawkers during the ongoing SC-mandated anti-encroachment drive, National Association of Street Vendors - umbrella body of street vendors -has called for a protest rally and a day-long bandh on street vending on Monday.

India Special vending zones yet to be a reality in city. The Hindu . (30 April 2018)

Delay in identifying suitable locations; street vendors not in favour of a sudden shift. The special vending zones for street vendors planned by the Ministry of Urban Affairs under the National Urban Livelihood Mission (NULM) are yet to be a reality in the city with the delay in identifying suitable locations.

By Mehrishi, Sumati.

The slum residents, with help from Pune's urban local body and the Pune chapter of SWaCH, a cooperative of waste pickers (started in 2008 in response to a need for a public private partnership for waste management in Pune) have brought a transformation.

Street vendors in Maharashtra are being given hygiene lessons in a collaborative effort from Maharashtra Food and Drug Administration and the National Association of Street Vendors of India (NASVI).

By Singh, Paras.

They are always overlooked when policy decisions are taken by the authorities. To put forward their plight, ragpickers from across the city gathered for a novel hearing on Tuesday. Their concerns included structural stumbling blocks like lack of identity cards, addition of hazardous waste in domestic garbage, and no anganwadis for their children, among other issues. The meeting was attended by senior corporation officials, NGOs and Member of Parliament from New Delhi, Meenakshi Lekhi.

Delhi India Informal Workers Narratives: "We are People Too" NewsClick . (17 January 2018)

The informal workers narratives, hosted by Working Peoples' charter and WIEGO, brings together a panel of workers from different trades, including domestic workers, e-rickshaw drivers, waste-pickers, street vendors, home-based workers, Hamal and other workers, showcasing their life, their work, and their challenges. The conversation throws light on the role played by informal workers in making of our cities, and how the city continues to marginalizes them.

Delhi India Low wages, no respect, no security…this is how we treat informal workers The Indian Express . (16 January 2018)
By Sarfaraz , Kainat .

Organised by the Working Peoples’ Charter, a collective that works with informal labour, the event Informal Workers' Narratives 1.0 was an effort to initiate a dialogue between informal labourers and the people they work for. About 90 per cent of India's workforce is in the unorganised sector.

By Sharma, Radha.

Gauri and Shanti's entrepreneurial success is part of the 'Hum Sab EkHain' experiment initiated by Self-Employed Women's Association (Sewa) with Airbnb in 2017 to allow its rural members to tap into new forms of livelihood opportunities. The initiative started with nine listings and has grown to 50 houses in Patan, Mehsana, Chhota Udepur, Surendranagar and Aravalli.