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Theme: Informal Economy
Occupational Group(s): Waste Pickers
Region(s): Argentina ; Latin America & the Caribbean
By Balch, Oliver.

The cartoneros of Buenos Aires are finally cashing in on the city's newfound love of recycling. But the Argentinian capital still has a long way to go.

Argentina Of recyclers and rag men The Economist . (25 April 2015)

Some who make their living on the streets are luckier than others. Cartoneros, meanwhile, are setting their sights higher. Though conditions have improved, Jacquelina Flores of the Movement for Excluded Workers complains that the government has not replaced the co-operatives' ageing fleet of lorries or adjusted the monthly bonus by enough to compensate for inflation, which was 40% in 2014.

Argentina Cartoneros ponen a prueba un nuevo carro La Nueva . (8 November 2014)
By Subizar, Pamela.

Los cartoneros pondrán a prueba en estos días otro modelo de carro para hacer la recolección en el centro, el cual fue diseñado por ellos mismos con la ayuda técnica de la Escuela Municipal de Capacitación Laboral San Roque.

Argentina Buenos Aires embraces "cartoneros" in push for zero waste Citiscope . (16 October 2014)
By Robinson, Kristie.

Over the past decade, the cartoneros have been organizing themselves into cooperatives, in an effort to fetch better prices for recyclables and to gain recognition for essentially providing the only recycling program Buenos Aires has ever known.

By Mose, Bob.

"This should help [garbage] pickers in Argentina's informal recycling network learn there is demand in the supply chain for recycling PE film," Wooster said. "Dow is also working with local plastics chambers on educating consumers about the new symbol."

Argentina Trash piles up in Buenos Aires: What's the plan? CS Monitor . (8 October 2013)
By O'Neill, Eilis.

Almost eight years after Buenos Aires laid out mandatory trash reduction goals, the government is finally starting a recycling program. First, the city has started to sell or reuse the rubble from construction projects, a step that reduced trash from 6,000 tons a day at the end of 2012 to 4,000 currently. And, now, the city is starting to roll out a program to organize and formalize its cartoneros, or informal trash collectors.

Argentina Let Me Recycle That For You. Please The Atlantic Cities . (29 May 2013)
By Timerman, Jordana.

But these cartoneros, as they're called, might also be the key to managing the city's pressing waste management problem.

La propuesta consiste en la erradicación gradual de los carro a tracción a sangre y que los recicladores cuenten con vehículos de tracción motora  a los que podrán acceder a través de su propio trabajo, dignificando el mismo, “créditos blandos” y/o subsidios, para que sigan trabajando en estos oficios a cambio de que entreguen los caballos para que el ejecutivo disponga un lugar donde puedan recuperarse.

By Cecilia Allen and Maeva Morin, .

The story of waste management in Buenos Aires illustrates how cartoneros, or grassroots recyclers, have won legal and financial support from the city government.

By Gonzalez, Dina.

Its a hot morning in Buenos Aires, Argentinas capital. A man in his 50s walks between giant bags of trash in a large storehouse. Sunlight filters through the windows overhead.