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Theme: Informal Economy
Occupational Group(s): Home-Based Workers
Region(s): United States of America ; Other Developed
United States of America Learning to say no as a woman in the workplace. Seattle Times . (27 September 2016)
By Tulshyan, Ruchika.

Women are disproportionately asked to do things that don’t advance their careers. These include administrative tasks such as taking notes in a meeting, ordering food for the team or always being available to mentor junior staff members. For self-employed women, this manifests in innocent “I would like to run something by you over coffee” requests — in short, time away from work that does actually pay.

United States of America Brazil In Rio's bulldozed favelas, echoes of America's shantytowns. The Conversation . (26 July 2016)
By Goff, Lisa.

Equally famous feature of Rio - its miles and miles of vibrant, urban slums known as favelas - won't be on display. That's because the Rio city government has spent months evicting residents, demolishing their shacks and constructing miles of roadside walls to hide the shantytowns from view of arriving Olympic visitors.

United States Expanding What's Possible for Domestic Workers The Progressive . (15 April 2016)
By Ervin, Mike.

Ai-Jen Poo was named a 2014 MacArthur fellow for her success in organizing home-based workers. She helped found Domestic Workers United in 2000 and was lead organizer until 2009.

United States Female entrepreneurs gather in Charleroi for support, friendship TribLIVE . (9 December 2015)
By Buckley, Chris.

The invitation read: "You are strong, You are committed, You are unique, You are building a better community and You need to be celebrated." With those words, Gina Lynn, Greater Rostraver Chamber of Commerce executive director, invited female self-employed chamber members to an August luncheon at Off the Wall Arts in Charleroi.

India United States Labor and Women's Rights Champion's Advice to the United States The Progressive . (13 October 2015)
By Pal, Amitabh.

Renana Jhabvala, a labor and women's rights champion whose organization has won worldwide acclaim, including effusive praise from Hillary Clinton, says she is is confident that Indian and U.S. unions can work together on nettlesome issues such as outsourcing.

United States Gig Work Used to Just Be Called 'Work' Bloomberg View . (16 July 2015)
By Mihm, Stephen.

The rise of the "gig economy" -- the world of part-time, freelance, contingent workers such as Uber car drivers or contract software engineers -- threatens to supplant an earlier model, in which long-term, stable employment with a single company was the norm.

By S. Rugaber, Christopher.

Labor unions and activists have for years argued that companies in many industries -; construction, hotels, and janitorial services, among others -; have sought to hold down labor costs by calling workers independent contractors.

By Bryson, Donna.

One Denver-based organization has helped nearly 8001 Denver women learn valuable job and life skills needed to not only stay employed, but to move towards self-reliance-creating a future for themselves, their family, our community and our economy. And it all started with beans.

United States Matching Affordable Housing with Affordable Working City Lab . (3 June 2015)
By Mock, Brentin.

A new movement seeks to extend the "co-working" model into small-scale manufacturing to benefit low-income workers.

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland United States Book Review: Beyond Live/Work: The Architecture of Home-based The London School of Economics and Political Science . (3 May 2015)
By Vaughan, Laura.

This book analyses the lives and premises of 90 contemporary UK and US home-based workers from across the social spectrum and in diverse occupations.