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Theme: Informal Economy
Occupational Group(s): Domestic Workers
Region(s): Saudi Arabia ; Middle East & North Africa
Saudi Arabia Saudi introduces minimum salary requirements for domestic worker hiring. Gulf Business . (29 August 2017)

Citizens and residents will now have to prove they can afford domestic help.

The Saudi Ministry of Labor and Social Development has stopped 126 recruitment offices from recruiting domestic workers from the eight approved countries due to their violations of the regulations and rules of recruitment activities.

Saudi Arabia Saudi panel okays hiring of Bangladeshi domestic workers. Khaleej Times . (21 September 2016)

Saudi Arabia has approved the recruitment of male domestic workers from Bangladesh, according to media reports quoting the Saudi Arabia Shoura Council.

Saudi Arabia Saudis curb visas for Bangladeshi male domestic workers. Dhaka Tribune . (23 July 2016)
By Tribune Online Report, .

Saudi Arabia has temporarily suspended recruitment visas of single male Bangladeshi domestic workers, reports Arab News. The Ministry of Labor and Social Development has asked applicants to search for workers of other nationalities through the Mosaned website.

Saudi Arabia Saudi launches online portal to recruit domestic workers Migrant Rights . (16 May 2016)

In a move that clearly takes on the monopoly of recruitment agents, Saudi Arabia has launched an online platform for recruitment of domestic workers.

By Hayden, Sally.

By day Karl Anderson works in administration and runs a record label in California, by night he could be seen as a real-life superhero, using social media to identify and then help rescue domestic workers trapped in abusive situations in Saudi Arabia.

India Nepal Saudi Arabia Authorities must ensure justice for abused Nepali domestic workers The Hindu . (20 November 2015)
By Shajan Perappadan, Bindu.

Indian and Saudi Arabian authorities must work together to deliver justice and reparation for two Nepali women who were raped and assaulted repeatedly, allegedly by a Saudi Arabian diplomat and others, Amnesty International (India) said here on Thursday.

Saudi Arabia HRW: Saudi labor reforms fail to protect domestic workers JURIST . (15 November 2015)
By Jones, Jacqueline.

The migrant women who work in family homes are not included under the new amendments. HRW said that Saudi Arabia should strongly enforce the new labor amendments and authorities should investigate any forced labor, including passport confiscation and salary withholding.

Saudi Arabia MoL opens door to recruit Somali domestic workers Arab News . (25 October 2015)

The Ministry of Labor (MoL) recently announced the opening of recruiting operations of domestic workers from Somalia while setting terms and conditions.

Bahrain Kuwait Oman Qatar Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates Gulf States Fail to Protect Domestic Workers From Serious Violence Human Rights Watch . (16 October 2015)
By Begum, Rothna.

Last week, a shocking story hit the headlines: a woman in Saudi Arabia allegedly cut off the hand of her Indian domestic worker, who was trying to escape from the woman's house.