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Theme: Informal Economy
United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland Fyffes suspended from Ethical Trading Initiative just-food . (9 May 2017)
By Shepherd, John.

Fyffes now has 90 days to work with the International Union of Foodworkers (IUF) "to reach a mutually agreeable framework for engagement", the ETI said. "Failure to do this... would result in expulsion from ETI membership."

By Douglas, Rhonda.

Half the world’s population live in cities, and urban informal workers make important economic, social, and environmental contributions to city life. Rhonda Douglas from WIEGO argues that the New Urban Agenda must include all urban stakeholders, including the working poor, to ensure it doesn’t leave anyone behind.

Nepal May Day celebrated amid improved labour relations Kathmandu Post . (2 May 2017)
By Subedi, Bibek.

Nepal marked the 128th International Workers’ Day, also known as May Day, on Monday amid improved labour relations which have existed in the industrial sector over the last few years.

India Omnibus social security code hard to implement Deccan Herald . (2 May 2017)
By Sundar, KR Shyam.

The legislative framework in the field of labour has been predicated on the existence of a formal employment relationship, and also on a firm size parameter (primarily for ease of implementation and secondarily on the economic assumption that, as development takes place firm size will increase to reap economies of scale). Hence, the major labour laws including those on social security have excluded the vast mass of workers in the unorganised sector, that is, those not having employment relationship (self-employed) and those employed in the firms below the legal threshold of 10 workers.

India Street vendors plan postcard campaign Times of India . (1 May 2017)

Street vendors across the country will start a month-long postcard campaign from May 1 to draw attention of PM Narendra Modi and chief ministers of all the states towards the harassment faced by them.

Zimbabwe Zimbabwe: Women Bear Brunt of Workplace Inequalities All Africa . (1 May 2017)
By Mahove, Christopher.

Women bear the brunt of workplace inequalities as they face substantial entrance barriers and constitute the bulk of unpaid labour, a government official has said.

India Laboured exercise The Hindu Business Line . (1 May 2017)
By Sundar, KR Shyam .

The Unorganised Workers’ Social Security Act, 2008 did not meet the aspirations of these workers and is not even an apology for a social security system for unorganised workers.

India Model street vendor setup but not everyone’s happy Times of India . (28 April 2017)

The distinctive "street" atmosphere of many Indian cities comes from their roadside food stalls. Keeping it in mind, the MCG last year launched a model that sought to provide authorised employment to street vendors across the city.

"In January this year, the Harare City Council in Zimbabwe accused informal food vendors of spreading typhoid. The council then attempted to confiscate, and destroy, all perishable food items that were being hawked in the central business district. Many vendors fought back, resulting in deadly clashes over a series of days in the opposition run capital city.  Sadly, such violent treatment of workers in informal markets is all too common in African cities." This article cites WIEGO research.

Malawi Malawi Trade Unions on labour rights awareness drive Nyasa Times . (27 April 2017)
By Nkawihe, Maurice.

Trade Unions in Malawi are championing a labour rights awareness programme to advocate for improvement of working conditions and policies as well as creating knowledge about workers’ rights.