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Theme: Informal Economy
Region(s): Syrian Arab Republic ; Middle East & North Africa
Syria Craftsmen lose livelihoods in old Damascus CCTV . (14 January 2016)

Syria's craftsmen have had to cut back to smaller premises as war has ravaged the country's economy, culture, and tourism. And up to 80 percent have been forced out of business altogether.

Nepal Syria Nepalese women trafficked to Syria and forced to work as maids The Guardian . (1 January 2016)

While millions are fleeing the brutal conflict in Syria, hundreds of Nepalese women are being trafficked to the war-torn country and forced to work as domestic maids.

Syria New law to regulate domestic worker market Zawya . (21 May 2014)

Syria's parliament has endorsed a new law to regulate the domestic labor sector for Syrians, state news agency SANA said Tuesday.

Indonesia Syria Indonesian Domestic Workers in Syria in Need of Repatriation Jakarta Globe . (23 September 2012)

Thousands of Indonesian domestic workers in crisis-hit Syria need help to get back home, activists say.

By del Callar, Michaela.

Syrian employers are asking up to $10,000 for each Filipino domestic helper before they are released to the Philippine government for repatriation to Manila, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) said on Tuesday.

By Kamaria Russeau, Simba Shani.

As pressure mounts on the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to keep up an uncertain truce, human rights advocates are demanding reforms to a sponsorship system that has left many migrant domestic workers in Syria with no place to run.

Syria Syria Ban on Pinoy Workers Called a Blessing Malaya . (21 March 2012)

Syria has excluded Filipinos from the list of foreign nationals allowed to work in the country, the Department of Foreign Affairs said yesterday.

Syria Damascus at Dawn Inquirer . (20 March 2012)
By Bello, Walden.

Most of the Filipinos in Syria are domestic workers. The problem is most of them—around 90 per cent of the 9,000, according to Charge d’Affaires Olive Palala—are undocumented, having been illegally trafficked into the country by unscrupulous agencies based in Syria that have operatives in the Philippines.

Syria Syria Bans Filipino Domestic Workers ABS-CBN News . (20 March 2012)

Syrian government has implemented a ban against Filipino domestic helpers starting April.