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Theme: Informal Economy
Occupational Group(s): Waste Pickers
Region(s): Brazil ; Latin America & the Caribbean
Brazil Modernising Brazil's waste-picking trade. The Economist . (30 September 2017)

The developers of Cataki, an app, hope to change that. Since July it has been matching people who have rubbish with catadores operating in their neighborhoods.

Brazil EDANA visit to Sao Paulo waste facility. SNW . (15 March 2017)

On 9 March 2017, nonwovens association EDANA partnered with CEMPRE, the Brazilian Business Commitment for Recycling, to allow a group of participants at Outlook Plus Latin America to see a waste sorting facility operated by a cooperative.

By Rosengren, Cole.

(Sonia) Dias sees potential for catadores (waste pickers) to be more involved in educating their fellow citizens about the value of recyclable materials and the need for proper disposal. Though making this happen beyond the Olympics may be a challenge.

Brazil Thursday: “Waste Land” City Paper . (12 July 2016)

This is one of those documentaries that you never forget. Director Lucy Walker tenderly weaves together the devastating stories of men and women who live in poverty in Jardim Gramacho, Brazil, and work as “catadores”—garbage pickers—in the world’s largest garbage dump (since closed), but this isn’t merely about their struggle. 

Brazil Mundano's 'invisible' waste-picking superheroes recyclinginternational . (6 July 2016)
By Linnenkoper, Kirstin.

Brazilian graffiti artist Thiago Mundano is living proof that creativity can spark fundamental change in mega-cities and in their inhabitants' perception of 'trash'. A meeting with one of the nation's 800 000 waste pickers - or catadores - resulted in Mundano painting the man's trash collection cart.

United States Brazil Momentum Award: Cai Thomas BC Heights . (5 May 2016)
By Greaney, Alec.

This article about an amazing student, Cai Thomas, includes a description of her trip to Brazil to work with WIEGO's Sonia Dias and the Gender and Waste project.

By Thornett, Robert.

Curitiba calls EcoCitizen co-op members environmental "caregivers" and provides them with a modern warehouse, a city uniform and tools such as paper shredders, balers, digital scales, trash compactors and forklifts. Working out of the 19 co-op warehouses, member teams remain autonomous, operating like small independent businesses paid to both receive and process recyclables.

Brazil Brazil leads aluminium can recycling Aluminium International Today . (14 December 2015)
By Firth, Nadine.

In 2014 alone, collecting aluminium beverage cans injected R$ 845 million in country's economy, thus contributing to generating income and jobs for thousands of waste pickers.

Brazil Women waste pickers receive certificate after gender training The Guardian Witness . (17 April 2015)
By Dias, Sonia.

The Network WIEGO ( partnered with the National Waste Pickers Movement of Brazil and other organizations to tackle gender issues. The Gender and Waste Project seeks to understand the dimensions of gender discrimination women waste pickers face (1) at home, (2) at work, and (3) as leaders within their networks and in the movement.

Brazil How colorful carts are helping waste workers get noticed (video) Global Envision . (2 February 2015)
By Alaimo, Beth.

Informal waste workers in Brazil were being ignored, despite their vital work keeping Sao Paulo clean. Enter a street artist who made their carts into works of art.