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Theme: Informal Economy
Occupational Group(s): Domestic Workers
Cambodia Push to Protect Domestic Workers. Khmer Times . (16 August 2016)
By Sokhavuth, Tin.

A labor union yesterday called on the government to ratify the International Convention on Domestic Workers and to amend the country's Labor Law to improve the rights and working conditions of all workers in Cambodia.

India Plan to bring domestic workers under ESI fold: Bandaru Dattatreya. The Economics Times . (15 August 2016)

Labour ministry will soon launch a social security scheme for domestic workers on pilot basis in Delhi and Hyderabad as part of government's commitment to provide health insurance for all, Union minister Bandaru Dattatreya said on Sunday.

By Wambui, Mary.

The plight of Kenyan domestic workers, especially those working abroad, is set to improve if a Bill seeking to register and regulate their employment terms and provide for their basic minimum rights becomes law. The Domestic Workers Bill, 2016, sponsored by Kiambu Woman Representative Annah Nyokabi, was inspired by increased cases of families seeking assistance to have relatives, especially those working in the Middle East, brought back home after being mistreated by their employers.

Philippines United Arab Emirates Philippines to lift ban on domestic workers; Dh1,500 new minimum salary for maids. Emirates 24/7 . (15 August 2016)

An official in the Philippine Consulate in Dubai told Emarat Al Youm that the competent authorities in his country decided to lift the ban on Filipino domestic workers coming to the UAE and added that domestic workers can come in again under the unified contract approved by the UAE Ministry of Interior in June 2014.

By Tinoco, Karla.

El Sindicato de las Trabajadoras Domésticas que busca proteger los derechos de las empleadas aún no se implementa.

Taiwan has drafted a law giving foreign domestic workers at least one day off a week although the draft is still being reviewed by the Cabinet, Deputy Minister of Labor Lin San-quei, said Thursday.

By Isaacs, Gilad.

Despite increases in these minima - of between 16% and 81% in real terms since their institution - many workers in these sectors still earn exceptionally low wages: 75% of agricultural workers earn below R2,600 a month and 90% of domestic workers below R3,120.

Morocco Domestic Workers Finally Have Rights in Morocco Human Rights Watch . (9 August 2016)
By Benchemsi, Ahmed.

“L’kheddama” (“The maid.”) That is how many Moroccan families refer to the domestic worker in their employ, whom they call by her first name. As for her last name, maybe the housewife remembers it, from the day she hired her and made a photocopy of her ID (you never know, in case she steals something ...) Or maybe she doesn’t. Why would she remember the maid’s surname, after all? Nobody ever uses it.

United States of America Domestic Workers and Their Children Rally to Campaign for Rights. Capital and Main . (9 August 2016)
By Bacon, David.

Over 300,000 California housekeepers, nannies and personal attendants provide support and care to seniors and people with disabilities, putting in long hours caring for an estimated two million households. With no overtime protections, they suffer exhaustion, damage to their health and that of their clients, and can’t earn enough to pay their own bills. In a recent survey, 76 percent of domestic workers still reported working more than 45 hours a week, with 24-hour shifts being common.

United States of America Women Day Laborers Are Tired of Waiting for Work, and for Justice The Nation . (5 August 2016)
By Chen, Michelle.

 In Brooklyn, a new study shows that women face an underground labor market fraught with hidden risks.