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Theme: Informal Economy
Occupational Group(s): Waste Pickers
Ghana Plastic waste is destroying aquatic life - TMA Ghana News Agency . (8 November 2017)
By Nyarko, Alexander .

Globalizing and Organizing (WIEGO), Mr. Karim Saagbul, said, “Plastic collection and recycling have proved to be an effective way of waste management, and whilst the project is a response to government to address this challenge, it is our innovative approach that seeks to increase the volume of waste collection and also help in the promoting of recycling products of plastic waste.”

By Noriega, Christina.

Federico Parra, a regional coordinator of the research and policy network, Women in Informal Employment: Globalizing and Organizing (WIEGO), says there may be a link to the importance of women’s roles in households and their leadership status in cooperatives.

India Pune One Punekar makes a difference: our city our heroes hindustantimes . (24 July 2017)

SWaCH (Solid Waste Collection and Handling ) is India’s first wholly-owned cooperative of self-employed waste pickers or waste collectors. It is based in Pune and was started with an intention to provide livelihood to those working in this sector.

South Africa Waste pickers plan to strike Randburg Sun . (4 July 2017)


Informal recyclers, or waste pickers who normally go through your wheely bins before Pikitup takes away your trash, are reportedly planning to demonstrate tomorrow (5 July) in Braamfontein.


An avid gamer and a hockey player, 16-year-old Omkar Waghmare scored 76.2 per cent in SSC, results of which were announced on Tuesday. An aspiring software engineer, this Pimpri resident is the eldest son of Vijayabai, a single mother who works as a wastepicker with Kagad Kach Patra Kashtakari Panchayat.

Bogota Colombia How Bogotá’s Recicladores are Picking a Fight (for inclusion) Resource . (5 June 2017)
By Simon, Rachel.

"As the city rises up the development index, Bogotá’s waste services are undergoing structural transformation. Rachel Simon learns how Colombia’s waste-picking recicladores are fighting to play their part as services are commercialised, and to do so with better pay, recognition, and condition."


This article includes an interview with WIEGO Waste Picker Specialist Federico Parra.

Morocco The small hands of Moroccan recycling. The Conversation . (30 May 2017)

This article is based on a series about recycling documented in the 2017 book What to do with leftovers? Re-employment in Accumulation Societies.

Nigeria Bauchi embarks on registration of e-waste scavengers. The Nation . (24 May 2017)

Bauchi State Government said it had embarked on the registration of scavengers in Bauchi metropolis who would gather electronic waste (e-waste) materials for a fee, as part of measures to protect lives and the environment.

Egypt Cairo's Treasures of Trash. Newsweek . (24 May 2017)
By El Habachi, May.

Moussa is among the 70,000 Coptic Christians whose livelihood is based on collecting and recycling trash.

By Akira , Kodaka.

The Payatas district in Quezon City, Metro Manila, has been called the city's "second Smokey Mountain" -- a huge mound of refuse from which many scavengers scrape out a meager income.