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Theme: Informal Economy
Occupational Group(s): Waste Pickers
Bogota Colombia How Bogotá’s Recicladores are Picking a Fight (for inclusion) Resource . (5 June 2017)
By Simon, Rachel.

"As the city rises up the development index, Bogotá’s waste services are undergoing structural transformation. Rachel Simon learns how Colombia’s waste-picking recicladores are fighting to play their part as services are commercialised, and to do so with better pay, recognition, and condition."


This article includes an interview with WIEGO Waste Picker Specialist Federico Parra.

South Africa Power to the waste pickers Independent Online (IOL) . (27 April 2017)
By Pillay, Kamcilla.

"Pickers gather recyclable materials from rubbish discarded by others. It is a difficult and risky job but an important one. Yet they also suffer discrimination, writes Kamcilla Pillay." This article cites WIEGO research.

Ahmedabad India High court tells AMC to include waste pickers in managing waste Times of India . (18 April 2017)

Gujarat high court on Monday directed the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) to integrate poor waste pickers in its solid waste collection process, and to form a policy of solid waste management within six months.

Sri Lanka Sri Lanka rubbish dump collapse kills 19 BBC News . (15 April 2017)

At least 19 people, including five children, have died after a huge rubbish dump collapsed on to their homes in Sri Lanka, the army says.

Philippines The mountain of garbage that blights the Philippine capital. Nikkei Asian Review . (30 March 2017)
By Endo, Jun.

The trash heap provided livelihoods for thousands of people, but the problems that created it remain unsolved.

Cambodia Inspired by Recycling in Japan, Sculptor Turns Waste Into Art. The Cambodia Daily . (28 March 2017)
By Buth Kimsay and Danielle Keeton, .

The artist also got his hands dirty, going about the city as a trash pickers himself. During his days spent collecting from gutters and rubbish piles, Mr. Sophon experienced brutal discrimination from other people, he said.

By Minter. , Adam.

When a mountain of trash collapsed at the fetid Reppi dump outside of Addis Ababa last week, at least 82 people died.

By Amy Hanson from Small Steps Project, .

We assumed that this was usually a problem found in developing countries without the funds or skills to provide adequate solutions. That was until we started working within the EU, in Romania, which lacks neither of these, but where children still live and work on dumps.

Nigeria Lagos: Charting the route to holistic cleanliness. Nigerian Tribune . (21 March 2017)

"We have taken everyone along the value chain into consideration from the existing PSPs, to the cart pushers and the scavengers on the landfills. Everyone will be accommodated under this new environmental scheme."

Pakistan Mastering the world of waste. Dawn . (20 March 2017)
By Ahmed, Kulsum.

However, we need to include recycling as part of the official system. Sao Paulo state, Brazil, has been actively working to bring these informal waste pickers into the system through cooperatives.