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Theme: Informal Economy
Occupational Group(s): Street Vendors
India FDA wins national award for safe food project. Heraldo Goa . (20 May 2017)

Under the ‘Project Serve Safe Food under the Safe and Nutrition Food  & Street Food’, the State FDA had trained around 1400 street food vendors in association with CSR partner, Nestle India Limited and NASVI (National Association of Street Vendors of India). Street food vendors were imparted special skill development training in the good sanitary and hygienic practices.

India Street vendors plan postcard campaign Times of India . (1 May 2017)

Street vendors across the country will start a month-long postcard campaign from May 1 to draw attention of PM Narendra Modi and chief ministers of all the states towards the harassment faced by them.

India Model street vendor setup but not everyone’s happy Times of India . (28 April 2017)

The distinctive "street" atmosphere of many Indian cities comes from their roadside food stalls. Keeping it in mind, the MCG last year launched a model that sought to provide authorised employment to street vendors across the city.

"In January this year, the Harare City Council in Zimbabwe accused informal food vendors of spreading typhoid. The council then attempted to confiscate, and destroy, all perishable food items that were being hawked in the central business district. Many vendors fought back, resulting in deadly clashes over a series of days in the opposition run capital city.  Sadly, such violent treatment of workers in informal markets is all too common in African cities." This article cites WIEGO research.

By Resnick, Danielle.

Violent clampdowns on informal food vendors serve nobody; methods for ensuring food safety and financial compliance are available.

Zambia Plans to remove Lusaka street vendors advances. Lusaka Times . (27 April 2017)

Lusaka Central Constituency Ward 14 Independence Councilor George Daka has revealed that plans to remove street vendors from the Central District Business (CDB) have reached an advanced staged.

United States of America Street vendors accuse city workers of destroying pushcarts. New York Post . (27 April 2017)
By Whitehouse, Kaja.

Two NYC street vendors have aimed a class-action lawsuit against New York City, claiming hundreds like them have had their civil rights trampled on when city workers destroyed their pushcarts without warning.

By Poon, Linda.

Yet the Thai government has long been on a mission to "clean up" the streets and "return the pavements to the pedestrians."

United States of America A Day in the Life of a Food Vendor The New York Times . (18 April 2017)
By Tejal, Rao.

This article describes a day in the life of Kabir Ahmed, a food vendor in New York City. It includes a description of the regulatory barriers that he and other vendors face in the city, and the efforts of the Street Vendor Project to advocate for reform:


"He applied for a food vendor’s license, took a required health and safety class, bought a used cart and took it for an inspection by city officials. (The health department inspects carts at least once a year, and more frequently if a violation is reported.)

Mr. Ahmed still needed a food-vending permit, though, and because of a cap on permits imposed in the 1980s, only 4,000 or so circulate. He acquired his from a permit owner who has charged him and his partner $25,000 for two-year leases (for a permit that cost the owner just $200), which they are still paying off.

A day ago, Mr. Ahmed received a text message: 100 vendors were protesting the cap. Organized by the Street Vendor Project, a nonprofit group that is part of the Urban Justice Center and offers legal representation to city vendors, they hoped to pressure the City Council to pass legislation introduced last fall that would double the number of food-vending permits, gradually, over the next seven years. Mr. Ahmed, who believes the costs for those starting out should be more manageable, wanted to join them, but like many vendors, he couldn’t get away from work."

States are not doing enough to implement the Street Vendors Act 2014 that aims at protection of street vendor rights, this has been revealed by the study conducted by think tank Centre for Civil society (CCS).  In the Street Vendors Act Compliance Index, the think tank studied the status of compliance of the act in 23 states of the country.