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Theme: Informal Economy
Occupational Group(s): Street Vendors
Delhi India Street vendors protest against eviction drives The Hindu . (15 May 2018)

Street vendors at the protest, which was organised by the National Association of Street Vendors of India (NASVI), alleged that many officials had used degrading language and some had even physically abused vendors during eviction drives.

Delhi India Delhi vendors cry harassment, to protest on Monday The Times of India . (13 May 2018)

Alleging harassment and indiscriminate action against the hawkers during the ongoing SC-mandated anti-encroachment drive, National Association of Street Vendors - umbrella body of street vendors -has called for a protest rally and a day-long bandh on street vending on Monday.

India Special vending zones yet to be a reality in city. The Hindu . (30 April 2018)

Delay in identifying suitable locations; street vendors not in favour of a sudden shift. The special vending zones for street vendors planned by the Ministry of Urban Affairs under the National Urban Livelihood Mission (NULM) are yet to be a reality in the city with the delay in identifying suitable locations.

With no jobs in the country, vendors say Hanoi and Saigon's sidewalk cleanup campaigns won't drive them away.Official government data from 2015 showed that migrants aged between 15 and 59 made up 17.3 percent of the country's population of 90 million. The majority of them work in the unofficial sector, which means they have no contracts or insurance, and pay no taxes. This sector is believed to make up 20 percent of the country's gross domestic product.

Egypt Egypt's street vendors face new restrictions. Al Monitor . (24 April 2018)
By Sameer , Hani.

The Egyptian parliament decided April 15 to prepare a law to unify the authority that issues permits for stores, street vendors and roadside open-air shops in Egypt.[...]The law aims to merge the unregulated sector with the formal economy under state supervision, according to April 14 press statements by Mohammad al-Dami, the secretary-general of the local administration committee in the Egyptian parliament.

Thailand Sustainable Livelihoods Behind Street Vending in Thailand. Global Perspectives . (22 April 2018)
By Seneviratne, Kalinga.

When people talk about sustainable development there is rarely any mention of the many street vendors who make a living on streets in Thailand, as across the rest of Asia.

Street vendors in Maharashtra are being given hygiene lessons in a collaborative effort from Maharashtra Food and Drug Administration and the National Association of Street Vendors of India (NASVI).

United States of America Llega la legalización de la venta ambulante a Los Ángeles. Mundo Hispano . (20 April 2018)
By Ballesteros, Maite.

El Consejo de la ciudad de Los Ángeles aprobó elaborar una ordenanza que legalice la venta ambulante en las calles para que se regularicen sus permisos y haya más seguridad para los vendedores de las calles.

El candidato del PRI al Gobierno de la Ciudad, Mikel Arriola, garantizó seguridad social a los comerciantes informales, incluso antes de la elección. Precisó que recurriría a los programas federales además de que se integrarían fondos blandos para poder ser beneficiarios del seguro social.

Senegalese street vendors staged a fashion show Friday in Barcelona to present their own clothing line of "legal clothes made by illegal immigrants", the slogan of their new campaign to get off the streets.