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Theme: Informal Economy
Occupational Group(s): Domestic Workers


A Brazilian housemaid-turned-rapper has cast a spotlight on the suffering of Latin America's millions of exploited domestic workers by chronicling the abuse they receive from their employers.

Republic of Korea Film seeks new take on foreign domestic workers. Yahoo News . (9 October 2016)

A documentary that takes an intimate look at the daily dramas of foreign domestic workers has premiered at Asia’s largest film festival, with its director pushing a fresh perspective on the millions employed in homes across the globe.

Indonesia Lawmakers drag feet on domestic workers bill. The Jakarta Post . (8 October 2016)
By Ompusunggu, Moses.

There is only a slim chance that domestic workers in the country will be free from various kinds of mistreatment if there is no legal umbrella to improve their protection, labor activists have said.

Guatemala Lograr la paz significa ingresos dignos. El Periodico . (8 October 2016)
By Hernández Alarcón, Rosalinda.

Uno de los tantos Acuerdos de Paz de Guatemala que durante 20 años ha sido ignorado, es la reforma a la Ley del Trabajo para regular las labores en casa particular. Al hacer caso omiso de este compromiso se ha negado a casi 200 mil personas adultas, 92 por ciento mujeres, un ingreso digno.

By Tan, Jeanette.

Last week, Singapore filmmakers Lynn Lee and James Leong published a documentary about foreign domestic workers from Myanmar.

United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland Visa changes needed to help migrant domestic workers. BBC . (3 October 2016)

Urgent changes are needed to the UK visa system to protect migrant workers from being used as domestic slaves, a campaign group has warned.

Singapore Free eye check-ups for domestic workers. Straitstimes . (2 October 2016)
By Abdullah, Zhaki.

About 600 foreign domestic helpers received free eye checks and sunglasses on Sunday (Oct 2) as part of an initiative by the Essilor Vision Foundation and Optometry Giving Sight.

Zimbabwe Domestic worker and the law. News day . (1 October 2016)
By Tose Majome, Miriam.

The employment contract entered into the most is undoubtedly between domestic workers and their employers. It is the one contract that brings out the best and worst traits in both employers and employees.

South Africa Domestic workers strike for better working conditions. SABC . (1 October 2016)
By Komane, Mahlako.

Domestic workers took their fight for better working conditions to the streets of Ekhuruleni, demanding to be paid overtime, maternity leave and Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) benefits.

China, Hong Kong, Special Administrative Region Minimum wage for Hong Kong's domestic workers to rise 2.4 per cent to HK$4,310, but union says level is 'not liveable'. South China Morning Post . (30 September 2016)
By Carvalho, Raquel.

Domestic helpers express disappointment with the decision, having pushed for a HK$5,000 minimum salary.