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Theme: Informal Economy
Occupational Group(s): Waste Pickers
Region(s): East Asia & Southeast Asia ; India
India Waste-picker shares her experience at UN event Deccan Herald . (26 July 2016)
By Jain Bengaluru, Niveditha.

Who can throw light on the waste management of Bengaluru better than the waste-pickers themselves? A waste-picker from childhood, Indira Raja  (in pic) did just that. On Monday, she got a chance to speak on city’s waste management at an international conference. 

Pune India Baner gets upgraded waste-sorting centre Times of India . (1 July 2016)

Baner has a new model garbage sorting and materials recovery centre. The facility, located behind Kapil Malhar residential society, will allow waste collection agencies to sort waste and better store recyclables.


The structure also eliminates problems of odour and piled up trash for the nearby residents. With its capacity to service more than 10,000 households in the area, the facility is expected to serve as a model for solid waste management in the city.

By Subramanian, Sribala.

In India, roads made from shredded plastic are proving a popular solution to tackling waste and extreme weather.


Jambulingam Street, Chennai, is a local legend. The tar road in the bustling Nungambakkam area has weathered a major flood, several monsoons, recurring heat waves and a steady stream of cars, trucks and auto rickshaws without showing the usual signs of wear and tear.

China India Urban poverty: More desperate in India, more all-consuming in China Straits Times . (26 June 2016)
By Manuel, Anja.

Every day, parents and children hike a 300m-tall mountain of rubbish and hunt for plastic bottles, metal cans and other goods, which they then sell to recyclers, earning about US$8 (S$10) per family each day. In India, the one and a half million waste-pickers reside near the bottom of the social and economic ladder.

By Bhat, Prajwal.

Hasiru Dala also creates awareness about segregating dry waste and wet waste.


Hasiru Dala, an organisation that turn waste-pickers to waste professionals aids the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) in managing Bengaluru’s massive waste production by providing waste management services for homes, apartments, commercial set-ups and events.. From a family wedding to a city-wide marathon, Hasiru Dala (Green Army in Kannada) provides waste management services for all kinds of events. Bhat

By MS, Nileena.

In a much-awaited move, the Greater Corporation of Chennai (GCC) is all set to launch its bin-less waste transfer process on a pilot basis in a few of the wards in its newly added areas, which would eventually be extended to cover all of the 15 zones.

By Dandapani, Swetha.

In the last house I lived in, the waste collectors and colony manager routinely complained about neighbours that would not pay the monthly waste collection charges, but instead got their house help to throw trash in an “accepted corner” of the colony.

India Time to hear someone talk trash Hindustan Times . (2 June 2016)
By Banerjee, Ayesha.

No Indian city has managed to put effective waste management systems in place as per the law. Not one city can claim having even 30% of its waste recycled even though there are nearly 1.2 million people engaged in recycling recovery. In fact, most recycling is due to them and not municipalities.

India Recycling works - Kolkata wetlands oldest proof India Climate Dialogue . (23 May 2016)
By Ghosh, Dhrubajyoti.

The waste recyclers in the wetlands of Kolkata are an increasingly neglected community who provide an useful and eco-friendly service without any recognition or support from the authorities.

By Sarkar, Arita.

With the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation in the process of installing biometric devices at the Deonar dumping ground, nearly 1,000 rag pickers will be able to resume their jobs from June onwards.