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Theme: Informal Economy
Region(s): United States of America ; Other Developed
By Held, Lisa.

Basinski and the vendors had shown up to draw attention to the lack of available permits for vendors, which has created a black market for the permits, as well as a system rife with tickets, fines, and arrests that make it hard for many vendors to make ends meet.

By Vasquez, Mario.

The General Brotherhood of American Apparel Workers has called for a boycott of the brand's merchandise.

United States 2 Plazas Proposed to House Uptown Street Vendors DNA Info . (27 April 2016)
By Pichardo, Carolina.

A local politician wants to bring a pair of new plazas to Northern Manhattan to accommodate the growing number of vendors on city streets, following a series of arrests of illegal vendors last week.

United States New York City street vendors protest permit cap with parade outside City Hall New York Daily News . (26 April 2016)
By Sommerfeldt, Chris.

Vendors vented about the city's long-standing permit cap Tuesday at a City Hall rally. Hundreds of street sellers waved signs demanding "More Permits Now."

United States Latest approach to ticketing tripping up some LA street vendors Southern California Public Radio . (23 April 2016)
By Berestein Rojas, Leslie.

Some Los Angeles vendors have been cited for unauthorized selling on the streets as part of a recently implemented city program that relies on administrative citations designed to discourage nuisance behaviors, such as public drinking.

United States Trash Pickers are Helping California's Recycling Industry Waste 360 . (18 April 2016)
By Fleming, Tashina.

Many trash pickers in California are collecting more than 130 pounds of material from dumpsters, which allow them to cash in their rescued materials for approximately $5 to $90 at commercial recyclers.

United States Expanding What's Possible for Domestic Workers The Progressive . (15 April 2016)
By Ervin, Mike.

Ai-Jen Poo was named a 2014 MacArthur fellow for her success in organizing home-based workers. She helped found Domestic Workers United in 2000 and was lead organizer until 2009.

United States Street vendors on Figueroa Street Los Angeles Times . (14 April 2016)
By Vives, Ruben.

This part of Figueroa Street has become a shopping bazaar of last resort for people living on the margins. Each weekend, dozens come in battered pickups, vans and old compact cars filled with possessions hoping to raise money to pay down bills or supplement their low-wage jobs.

United States Nanny state: Council seeks to protect domestic workers Crain's New York Business . (13 April 2016)
By Goldensohn, Rosa.

The bill would create a Division of Paid Care under the recently-established Office of Labor Standards. The division's coordinator would conduct research on the home-care industry and potentially help support the expansion of home-care worker cooperatives.

By Fortino, Ellyn.

Advocates will push for state measures seeking to extend labor protections to domestic workers and modernize the process for transgender people to obtain birth certificates matching their lived gender.