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United States of America Los Angeles garment industry 'deeply unsafe and unhealthy': report. Safely & Health Magazine . (22 December 2016)

The Los Angeles garment manufacturing industry - the nation's largest cut-and-sew apparel base - is "plagued by workplace violations and marked by a lack of worker protections," according to a new report released by the Garment Worker Center, the UCLA Labor Center and UCLA Labor Occupational Safety and Health.

United States of America UAE: Extend Labor Law to Domestic Workers. HRW . (22 December 2016)

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) announcement that it will transfer oversight for the recruitment of domestic workers from the interior ministry to the labor ministry is a positive step, Human Rights Watch said today. The UAE should now include domestic workers.

United States of America Legalize street vendors? Some businesses are carefully open to the idea. The Eastsider LA . (20 December 2016)
By Lank, Barry.

The effort to legalize street vendors is moving forward at City Hall.  The proposal has proven controversial in the past, with many residents as well as brick-and-mortar business owners  opposed to the idea.  But most of the business owners and managers who were interviewed by The Eastsider were open to but cautious about the measure.

United States of America Op-Ed Bring on the street vendors: They'll make L.A. a better walking city. Los Angeles Times . (16 December 2016)
By Friedersdorf, Conor.

City officials are at long last moving forward with plans to make street vending lawful in Los Angeles.

United States of America The cost of ‘Made in USA’ for LA’s garment workers. SCPR . (14 December 2016)

According to a recent U.S. Labor Department study, many of those workers are being paid less than what they're legally entitled to receive. The government claims long hours often don't net worker overtime, and per-piece payments to sewing machine operators often fail to reach minimum wage. Some of the biggest names in retail clothing are supplied by these factories, including Ross, TJ Maxx, and Forever 21.

India United States of America 12 member team from Chicago University visited BMC. Pragativadi News Service . (14 December 2016)

The delegation along with members of the Tata Trust discussed on various ways to develop a sustainable waste management model which can be implemented in the city and to create a value chain for the rag pickers of the city and ultimately bringing them to the fold of waste management.

United States of America L.A. Fashion District a Fire Trap for Garment Workers, Study Finds. LA Weekly . (12 December 2016)

Garment factories in the Los Angeles Fashion District are dusty, hot, poorly ventilated, vermin-infested and unsafe, according to a new study by researchers at UCLA. 

United States of America Proposal to legalize street vending in Los Angeles moves step forward. Fox 11 / CNS . (12 December 2016)

Los Angeles is the only major city in America that prohibits street vending, but that may be changing after a City Council committee on Monday advanced a proposal to decriminalize it.

United States of America Legalize and decriminalize street vending in L.A. LA Times . (10 December 2016)

Despite the fact that street vendors are practically everywhere in L.A., hawking hot dogs, fresh fruit, toys and even toilet paper to willing buyers, they are illegal under city law. That law is widely ignored by both the vendors and law enforcement — until it’s not. Police and city inspectors occasionally crack down, ticketing or arresting people and often confiscating their carts and merchandise.

United States of America Anthony Bourdain Pledges Support to New York City Street Vendors The Daily Meal . (5 December 2016)
By Fantozzi, Joanna.

New York City streets are already filled with the sights and scents of street vendors and food trucks. From gourmet Korean tacos to the classic dirty water dogs, there’s at least one vendor on every corner. But Anthony Bourdain, chef and TV personality, wants more.