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Theme: Informal Economy
Region(s): United States of America ; Other Developed
United States LA garment industry rife with sweatshop conditions Al Jazeera America . (9 September 2015)
By El Nasser, Haya.

New study reveals almost half the garment workers labor 10 hours or more a day without overtime pay.

United States Milliken closing Lyman textile plant Greenville Online . (8 September 2015)
By Bell, Rudolph.

Milliken & Co. plans to close a textile plant in Lyman that it acquired as part of a larger deal but expects to find new jobs for the 125 workers, a company spokesperson said.

United States The real value of domestic labor Al Jazeera America . (7 September 2015)
By Nadasen, Premilla.

Household workers have led the way in helping us rethink the meaning of labor. Many of the problems household workers encounter reflect growing trends in the American working class.

United States For some domestic workers, a life of isolated servitude Boston Globe . (6 September 2015)
By and Megan Woolhouse, Beth Healy.

Toiling behind closed doors, domestic workers are vulnerable to wage theft, abuse, and in the worst cases, virtual slavery.

United States Syracuse, New York, laundry company laying off 150 workers in upstate New York Albany Business Review . (1 September 2015)
By Diana, Chelsea.

Coyne Textile Services, a commercial laundry and uniform rental company, is laying off 150 workers across four cities in upstate New York, according to a notice filed with the New York State Department of Labor.

United States Domestic Workers' Bill of Rights Moves Forward River Bender . (22 August 2015)
By Dahl, Dave.

The nannies and housekeepers of Illinois would have the same protections and benefits as many other workers, under a "Domestic Workers' Bill of Rights" which is a Senate vote away from going to the governor.

United States Court reinstates wage rules for home care workers CBS News . (21 August 2015)

The ruling is a victory for worker advocacy groups and labor unions that have long sought higher wages for domestic workers who help the elderly and disabled with everyday tasks such as bathing or taking medicine.

United States Live-In Domestic Workers Can Enroll Children Locally Ed Week . (18 August 2015)

Children of live-in domestic workers will be able to enroll in schools in the districts in which their parents are employed at least three days a week, under a new law signed last week by California Gov. Jerry Brown.

United States Bill of rights helps 'those who make all work possible' Statesman Journal . (10 August 2015)
By Pate, Natalie.

National Labor Relations Act. Fair Labor Standards Act. Occupational Safety and Health protections. Civil Rights Act. Americans with Disabilities Act. Age Discrimination Act. These are some of the many laws that explicitly exclude domestic workers. These laws bar domestic workers, specifically, from forming unions or bargaining collectively for wages and benefits.

United States It's time to act on street-vendor crisis Crain's New York Business . (10 August 2015)
By and Elise Goldin, Jose Peralta.

Today's system forces street vendors to engage in shifty transactions to obtain permits that are recycled from vendor to vendor.