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Theme: Informal Economy
Occupational Group(s): Domestic Workers
Region(s): Brazil ; Latin America & the Caribbean


A Brazilian housemaid-turned-rapper has cast a spotlight on the suffering of Latin America's millions of exploited domestic workers by chronicling the abuse they receive from their employers.

Brazil Brazilian film on maids' life gets country talking Citizen . (23 September 2015)
By Smith, Sebastian.

A Brazilian film about a maid in a wealthy home is not only making waves as Brazil's Oscars entry, but stirring painful debate over inequality and racism in a country in crisis.

Brazil More rights to domestic workers The Hindu . (3 June 2015)

President Dilma Rousseff on Tuesday approved legal changes giving more workplace rights to Brazil's estimated 6.5 million-strong army of maids and other domestic helpers. The 2013 law, whose amended version Ms. Rousseff cleared, established basic entitlements such as a minimum wage, a break during the day and social security coverage, plus a working week limited to 44 hours and a maximum eight-hour day.

Brazil Domestic Workers Still Waiting for New Law in Brazil The Rio Times . (15 May 2015)
By Alves, Lise.

A new bill introduced in Congress in 2013 which should give domestic workers more rights and benefits, such as an eight-hours work day, pay of overtime and unemployment insurance, is further delayed, making the lives of people working in this sector ever more difficult.

Brazil Brazil employers castigate their maids with insults, racism Mail & Guardian . (6 October 2014)
By Rigby, Claire.

A Twitter feed is exposing how millions of Brazilian domestic workers are treated as an underclass. But new laws are in the offing to protect them.

Brazil Why Dilma Rousseff could win Brazil’s presidential election The Guardian . (2 October 2014)
By Weisbrot, Mark.

"From the elites’ point of view, these gains that ordinary workers have made are not such good news. A law requiring full-time domestic workers – of which there are a lot in Brazil, thanks to its crushing inequality – to be treated as formal employees, with maximum work hours, minimum wages and social security, was another recent annoyance for the “haves”."

Brazil Brazil expands labor rights for domestic workers The Jakarta Post . (21 August 2014)
By Barchfield, Jenny.

Nivea dos Santos got her first job as a live-in maid at age 12, dusting, vacuuming, ironing and polishing the silver of a wealthy Rio de Janeiro family from dawn until she'd fall, exhausted, into bed. More than two decades later, Brazil has passed legislation aimed at preventing such abuses.

By Deisher, Julie.

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff [ on Friday signed into law a measure providing basic protections to Brazilian domestic workers the LCP 147.

Brazil New Brazil law supports domestic workers' rights BBC News . (7 August 2014)

A new law in Brazil has come into force under which employers can be fined if they fail to register their domestic workers.

Brazil In Brazil, Domestic Worker Laws Rattle Middle Class Families The Globa and Mail . (21 November 2013)
By Nole, Stephanie.

Domestic Worker in BrazilThe government has passed new legislation capping the hours maids and nannies can work and mandating overtime pay after eight hours – which has left many in the Brazilian middle class convinced they “can’t afford” the help they typically have to cook, clean and mind the kids.