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Theme: Informal Economy
Region(s): Middle East & North Africa
Egypt Egypt's street vendors face new restrictions. Al Monitor . (24 April 2018)
By Sameer , Hani.

The Egyptian parliament decided April 15 to prepare a law to unify the authority that issues permits for stores, street vendors and roadside open-air shops in Egypt.[...]The law aims to merge the unregulated sector with the formal economy under state supervision, according to April 14 press statements by Mohammad al-Dami, the secretary-general of the local administration committee in the Egyptian parliament.

United Arab Emirates Shaikh Khalifa approves law on domestic workers. Gulf News . (26 September 2017)
By Salama, Samir.

Law stipulates essential working conditions for domestic workers, including a regular weekly day off.

Philippines United Arab Emirates UAE, Philippines sign memorandum on recruiting domestic workers. Gulf News . (17 September 2017)

The UAE and Philippines signed a memorandum of understanding on mutual cooperation in the recruitment and employment of domestic workers in the UAE.

Saudi Arabia Saudi introduces minimum salary requirements for domestic worker hiring. Gulf Business . (29 August 2017)

Citizens and residents will now have to prove they can afford domestic help.

By Mahi, Rose.

Informal networks of self-help and mutual care have given rise to a workers-led alliance in Lebanon to fight for the rights of domestic workers.

Morocco The small hands of Moroccan recycling. The Conversation . (30 May 2017)

This article is based on a series about recycling documented in the 2017 book What to do with leftovers? Re-employment in Accumulation Societies.

Egypt Cairo's Treasures of Trash. Newsweek . (24 May 2017)
By El Habachi, May.

Moussa is among the 70,000 Coptic Christians whose livelihood is based on collecting and recycling trash.

By Preiss, Danielle and Pragati Shahi, .

Two years ago, a 7.8-magnitude earthquake destroyed Sita Kumal’s house in Nepal’s Gorkha district — 65 miles from the capital Kathmandu and the area hardest hit by the disaster... Last April, she accepted the offer of a local agent to find her a job as a housemaid in Dubai, where she’d earn around $290 a month.

By Rosman, Rebecca.

In setting up the cooperative, the workers decided that everyone would make the same salary, work the same hours, and have equal input on any decisions made by the cooperative.

A video of an Ethiopian domestic worker was shared on social media, showing the helpless woman pleading with her employer to save her before falling from the seventh floor of a building in Kuwait.