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Theme: Informal Economy
Occupational Group(s): Home-Based Workers
India Legislation for home-based workers underway: Amir Pakistan Observer . (28 September 2011)
By Alam, M.M..

Ume-Laila Azhar, Executive Director, Homenet Pakistan, informed: “20th of October will be celebrated as the Home-Based Workers Day on South Asia basis. A solidarity rally and conference are scheduled to take place in Kathmandu.

India Nepal Thailand Vulnerable Female HBWs Finding it Hard to Make Both Ends Meet Pakistan Today . (17 September 2011)
By Jalil, Xari.

Working for long hours, for low wages and under poor working conditions, female home-based workers (HBW) are particularly susceptible to exploitation and violation of their economic and social rights. Having been relegated to work at the bottom of the supply/value chain, they occupy particularly vulnerable positions in the national and global economy.

Pakistan Labour Rights for Home-based Workers Urged Dawn . (2 August 2011)

This was consensus among participants of a seminar on `Recognition of labour rights in informal sector: Ratification of ILO C 177 and C 189,` arranged by the HomeNet Pakistan in collaboration with Labour Education Foundation at a local hotel on Monday.

Pakistan Labourer status sought for Home-Based Workers . (19 July 2011)

Speakers at the launching of a report here on Monday demanded of the government to give status of labourers to home-based women workers.

Pakistan Policy for Home-based Workers Sought Dawn . (11 April 2011)
By Bhagwandas, .

KARACHI, April 11: Rights activists at a convention on Monday demanded that the government formulate a national policy for home-based workers (HBWs) and legislate to recognise them as workers so that they also benefited from various social welfare schemes of the government.

They were speaking at the first convention of the Home-Based Women Workers Federation, organised jointly by the Homenet South Asia, Labour Education Foundation and Homenet Pakistan at the Arts Council.

Vietnam Home Business Needs Support Vietnam News . (7 May 2010)

It's time for government agencies from developing countries, including Viet Nam, to issue specific support policies to further benefit the informal sector, which has been neglected for a long time, an international conference heard.