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Theme: Informal Economy
Occupational Group(s): Street Vendors
Region(s): South Africa ; Sub-Saharan Africa
Durban South Africa AeT selected as 2017 Social Design Circle Honoree Curry Stone Design Prize . (2 June 2017)

Asiye Etafuleni (AeT) has been recognized as a 2017 Social Design Circle Honoree by the Curry Stone Design Prize in the category "Can design reclaim public space?" for their work on the urban inclusion of informal workers.

South Africa ANC members, hawkers clash in JHB. Eye Witness News . (10 April 2017)
By Magwedze, Hitekani.

Police intervened in a clash between African National Congress members and hawkers at the Bree Street Taxi Rank in Johannesburg.

South Africa Op-Ed: New Guide will assist Street Traders to Protect their Rights. Daily Maverick . (4 April 2017)
By Webster, Dennis.

It is often assumed that when work is informal, it is not protected, and that informal workers do not have rights. This is not true. Informal workers enjoy the same constitutional rights as everyone living in South Africa but they often do not receive the same protection from local governments as formal businesses do.

South Africa Rising prices hit street vendors in East London. The Daily Dispatch . (20 March 2017)
By Magadla, Qaqamba.

In February, Statistics SA said unemployment in the country had dropped to 26.5% in the fourth quarter. However, official figures for unemployment in the Eastern Cape put the number at 28.4%. In Buffalo City Metro, unemployment grew by a further 5.3% in the last quarter of 2016 - meaning about 26000 more people were in need of work.

South Africa Mbombela Municipality empowers street vendors. SABC . (13 December 2016)
By Mkhaliphi, Sibusiso.

Street vendors in Kabokweni, outside Mbombela in Mpumalanga, received stalls from the Mbombela Municipality. The municipality has constructed stalls in a bid to improve the informal trader's businesses.

South Africa EMPD clamps down on street vendors. Alberton Record . (15 November 2016)

They wrote out fines and took most of their merchandise. EMPD reacted to a complaint about the roadside stalls in front of Alberton City in the Boulevard.

South Africa East Rand street vendors and police clash. The Citizen . (7 November 2016)
By Geyer, Chantelle.

Police clashed with street vendors in the Springs CBD after they confiscated merchandise. EMPD spokesperson Wilfred Kgasago said a complaint was received at 10am from a business in the vicinity, saying illegal hawkers were plying their trade and causing problems.

South Africa Street vendors infuriated after a clean-up. Randburg Sun . (23 August 2016)
By Luvhengo, Phathu.

Illegal traders complain that the City law enforcement agencies are taking away their jobs. Johannesburg Metro Police, Pikitup and Joburg Roads Agency (JRA) embarked on a clean-up project to eradicate the plight of illegal street vendors in Strijdom Park.

Durban South Africa Obituary - Zodwa Khumalo . (31 July 2016)

Ma Dlamini (Zodwa Khumalo)

Zodwa Khumalo, who was fondly referred to as “MaDlamini”, was a respected traditional healer and informal economy activist.  She started vending in the inner city of Durban, South African in the early 1980s, when apartheid authorities often violently removed vendors. She emerged as a powerful leader not only of traditional medicine traders, but informal workers in general. Her trading area, the Warwick Junction, was the site of innovation in inclusive planning for street vendors.


Ma Dlamini (Zodwa Khumalo)

In her capacity as president of the Self Employed Women’s Union, she played a key role in negotiations to secure appropriately designed and managed spaces for street vendors in the very heart of the city. She was also at the forefront of professionalizing the traditional medicine trade. Her tireless commitment has been an inspiration to many, showing that inclusive planning for the informal economy is possible.


She died in July 2016 due to complications stemming from a collision with a taxi, near her trading site. She leaves behind four grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

South África Maynard: Estimating SA's informal economy - a hefty contribution Biz News . (16 April 2016)

Labour Market Approach: Reported earnings from informal sector employees, informal employment in the formal sector, earnings from unregulated businesses (street hawkers, spaza shops etc). Best measured by a household survey such as the General Household Survey from Statistics South Africa.