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Theme: Informal Economy
Occupational Group(s): Street Vendors
Region(s): Argentina ; Latin America & the Caribbean
Argentina Police Launch Renewed Crackdown on Illegal Street Vendors The Argentina Independent . (29 January 2016)
By Chambers, Bala.

In a operation between Federal and Metropolitan Police forces, at least 500 officers were deployed early this morning in Caballito to prevent vendors from laying out their goods. In addition, 100 bags of illegal goods, which are said to be mainly clothing and counterfeit sunglasses, were reportedly seized by police.

Argentina Street vendors removed by City Gov't in Once raid Buenos Aires Herald . (26 January 2014)

Around 700 garbage bags full of clothing, trainers, toys and other products were seized today by the Metropolitan Police on the outskirts of Once station, Buenos Aires, in a surprise dawn raid that led to one person being arrested.

Argentina Clashes Persist over Illegal Street Selling in Buenos Aires City Buenos Aires Herald . (24 November 2011)

Clashes between protesters, street vendors and police were wreaking havoc today as shop owners from different neighbourhoods demanded illegal street vending be abolished.